Rabbit Junk by Mike Calder

Well aren’t you lot some lucky people, 2 articles from me in one month! Well once more into the breach of US discoveries I go and once again it’s not someone that you could exactly call new that’s going to feature but definitely someone that does not get anywhere near enough exposure on this side of the pond.
Now some of you may be familiar with the name JP Anderson, a Seattle based musician and frontman for the now defunct digital hardcore band ‘The Shizit’. In 2004 JP once again decided to unleash his own brand of musical assault on the world but this time it was with a new project and a new sound, which he dubbed ‘Hardclash’.

This new project took the name Rabbit Junk as JP added Jeniffer ‘Sum Grrl’ Bernett to the line up. An early demo was then produced which included the track ‘Industrial IS Dead’, which was to later feature on a Glitch Mode records compilation album. This early demo was an immediate show of intent from an artist who had seemingly become disillusioned with Industrial music as a whole and the way the genre was heading. This was then followed by the debut album ‘Rabbit Junk’, which included and excellent cover of ‘Walking on the moon’ by The Police. Despite Rabbit Junk’s new hardclash sound, mixing together multiple types of music, from jungle to black metal, the band managed to retain a lot of the venom and in your face attitude that was always typical of The Shizit.
In 2005 the band were signed to Glitch Mode records and released their second album ‘REframe’, in 2006. After releasing their first single ‘In your head no one can hear you scream’, JP took the band to the stage, adding live guitarists and percussions to complete the Rabbit Junk line up.
Since ‘Reframe’, the band have released ‘This Life Is Where You Get Fucked’ album in 2008. The band headed in a new direction, making this a concept album made up of three suites, each containing their own themes and influences.
Rabbit Junk continue to grow from strength to strength, gaining themselves a massive fan base in the states but with little acclaim outside the borders. This hopefully will soon change, as Rabbit Junk and their mastermind JP Anderson have created a very different type of monster possibly even an alternative version of The Gorillaz. Let’s just hope Rabbit Junk get the same appreciation as many of the less original and completely stale Industrial and digital bands currently doing the rounds!