R.I.P Alexander McQueen (16/03/69-11/02/10) By Sarah Willoughby

It was saddening to hear about the sudden death of Alexander Mcqueen as the fashion industry has lost one of its controversal yet pure genuises. A loss can certainly be felt upon those in the industry and the ones who aspire to be in it!
After all McQueen’s designs and unusual catwalk antics stood out from the crowd by somewhat rebelling against the rules of fashion.

When other mainstream desginers like Gucci and Louis Vitton showcased ‘beautiful’ garments for their stunning models to confidently strut along a standard catwalk, McQueen rebelled against that ‘beauty and normality’ by his fantastical creations.
Let the show begin!..
It is agreed that McQueen’s talent for designing had no limits and because of this he was able to shock his audience by extravagent catwalk and shows to complete the overall look.

For example for the fall/winter 09-10 collection we witnessed somewhat of a cosmetic car crash on the catwalk with tailored outfits clashing with the strangely alluring appeal of expressionless-faces and botched up collegan lips.
Like watching the surgically enchanced upperclass strutting around the debris of car doors and burst tires in tailored outfits and volumious dresses. This season mainly expressed dark colours and bold patterns with a tweeded texture, that related to the dark nights of autumn!
It was Couture at its best!
However for Spring/Summer 2010, Mcqueen took a different approach in displaying colourfully bold patterns in the form his mini dresses.
Models were also shown walking down the aisle’s in Hoove-like boot with a crocadile skin texture to match his outfits.
The overall theme of that show was futuristic, resembled emotionless aliens with big pigtails and monster-like shoes.

It was like witnessing an alien invasion in the industry but I was happy to welcome the other life forms and their outfits!
I recommend that you watch some of his recent shows on sites such as Yotube to be amazed by the eerie atmosphere that he cooperates into his shows using a technology, like robotic arms and strobe lighting.

Who was Mcqueen?!

Mcqueen was on of a kind. A fresh, exciting talent who was able to entertain and amuse on lookers with an array of spectacular ideas in the form on a outfit.
A true genius has passed away and he’ll be truyl missed by avid fashion chasers and those who respect his originailty!