Psython – Demo

Rating – 3.5/5
Distributor/label – Self-released
Released – 2015
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Psython final

Band line-up

Vocals: Bing
Guitar: Will Price
Guitar: Luke Rodgers


01- Meltdown
02 – Dave 1.1
03 – Blunt
04 – DNA (live @ Snooty Fox, Wakefield, 2014)





We can’t tell you much about Psython. Because we don’t know much about them. Formed in early 2014, the Sheffield-based band apparently consists of two guitarists and a vocalist called Bing. That’s it. As to who did the drums and bass on this bunch of demos from the band’s album in progress, well it’s a mystery. Maybe they’ve snuffed it in terms of Psython, ceased to exist, pulled the curtain on their time in the band. Or they’re shy.

It’s kind of nice in a way. There’s nothing to colour this review (except that we expect great things from someone going by the name Bing) but the music. And that includes a song called ‘Dave 1.1’. God love Dave and the two minute frenetic thrash frenzy he brings with him.

‘Meltdown’ opens with a fairly rigid guitar-heavy thrash intro straight from the how-to book, but from then on Psython come more warmly to the material, even if it sticks to the familiar thrash/groove line quite strongly. Shame it’s at the very start of the very first track really. ‘Blunt’ is hands-down the best of what’s on offer here. Bing’s vocals bring to mind Cancer Bats’ Liam Cormier, but there’s also variety including a previously underutilised ‘sung’ element come the chorus, underlined by exclamation point guitars. There’s a neat solo too.

It’s all rounded off with a bonus live track recorded back a year, which sounds better than it could actually, but as is usual with these things the mix is a bit out. Guitars and drums turned up high, vocals less so, except the booming backing shouts. It shows promise though and that’s what’s important. Some in the industry might try and pretend otherwise but bands aren’t born polished and perfectly packaged. You gotta graft to get good and with a bit more graft Psython might have something pretty good.

We await their debut proper, and the unveiling of the other members, with interest. Until then you can buy/listen at Psython’s Bandcamp page.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs