Psyclon Nine – [Disorder: The Shadow Sessions] by Sean Hirst

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Metropolis records
Released: 11 March 2014
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Psyclon Nine - Disorder of the shadowBand line-up:

Nero Bellum –  Vocals
Abbey Nexx – Bass
Jon Siren – Drums, Percussions, Programming
Rotny – Guitar, Keyboard, Programming
Vlixx – Keyboard, Percussions, Programming




01. Shadows Unveiled [Version : Falling Skies]
02. Use Once and Destroy [Version : Alien Vampies]
03. Remains of Eden [Version : Die Sektor]
04. Suffer Well [Version : Dismantled]
05. Use Once and Destroy [Version : Misfit Toys]
06. Afferte Mihi Mortem [Version : Modern Weapons]
07. Afferte Mihi Mortem : Nix Down the Rabbit Hole
08. Order of the Shadow [Version : The Vile Augury]
09. Take My Hand While I Take My Life : Fetid, Rotting, Fucked and Forgotten
10. Suffer Well [Version : Life Cried]
11. The Saint and the Valentine : A Reclamation


Generally speaking, Remix albums are something that bands put out to make a bit extra cash. And with Nero Bellum that’s not exactly surprising. Drugs are not cheap you know? But that said remix albums within the industrial scene are worth paying attention to. Because every so often you find a really good track or two that make the album worth getting hold of. Disorder The Shadow Sessions is one of those albums.

This album is the remixed version of the latest album Order of the shadow and features some big names from the scene such as Falling Skies, Alien Vampires, Die Sektor, Modern Weapons, and Life cried.

Each track is well produced and highlights just how well Nero’s screaming vocals fit into just about anything dark. The Modern weapons mix made me think perhaps he should have been in a black metal band. While the Alien vampires remix sampling sounds from their own work keeps it hard and intense like any of their club mixes.

Definitely worth picking up if you’re a Psyclon Nine fan because this is likely to be the last thing they will ever release.

Review by Sean Hirst