Psychotic Gardening – Hymnosis by Demitri Levantis

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: May 2014
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Band line-up:

Chuck Labossiere – vocals/guitar
Gillishammer – vocals
Andrew Wiens – guitars
Mike Janssen – bass
Matt Penner – drums


1. Origin of The Infection
2. Defile
3. Re-Hybridized Strain
4. Mindfold
5. Genome Degradation
6. Searing Cital
7. Garden Raiding
8. Open Casket
9. Journey to the Sun


Last year, for me, was a good year for Canadian Black Metal, with the release of Finnr’s Cane’s second album ‘A Portrait Painted By The Sun’. Now the next leading act in the Canadian scene has certainly impressed me and given me hope for the vast land to churn out a lot of good music in the years to come. By that I am referring to blackened doom metal outfit: Psychotic Gardening and their fourth album: HYMNOSIS.

This very impressive release opens with very loud, fast and extremely heavy black metal tunes from the first track. ‘Origin of the Infection’ puts the band’s obsession with disease and inner pains to its most brutal and the drums hit you hard. Guitar riffs are flowing in a common black metal manner and the slow brutality of doom metal shows up quickly. ‘Defile’ is a keen example of blackened doom metal with its traditional doom metal vibe and vocalist Chuck Labossiere screaming at the top of his lungs about opposition to religion.

First half of HYMNOSIS is very pleasing for fans of all areas of black metal, but the second half delves deeper into the realms of classic doom metal. Slower pacing on ‘Searing Cital’ and ‘Garden Raiding’ create a psychedelic stream of slow drums and relaxed riffs. This half the album is ideal for anyone who lit up a joint at the start of the onslaught and are now reaching the bliss only marijuana can offer.

I’m not a keen fan of doom metal, but Psychotic Gardening have certainly impressed me with their fusion of classic black and death metal riffs and drums with the slow morose psychedelia of doom metal. Not all aggressive music has to be fast and at challenging timing and these guys from Canada have confirmed just that.

Review by Demitri Levantis