British Punk-Industrialists PROTAFIELD will release their debut album “Nemesis” on June 9th ahead of their festival appearances at Sonisphere, Alt-Fest, Forever Sun and their European tour.
Hailing from all parts of the UK, Protafield spent most of their time developing their craft, evolving on the road supporting Rock/Metal legends such as KORN, GARY NUMAN, KILLING JOKE, BLACK LIGHT BURNS and COMBICHRIST.

Signing to Caroline International (Universal Music Group), Protafield is the brainchild of frontman Jayce Lewis, who holds an address book any newcomer would kill for, which has enabled the band to benefit from directional support from their close friends in FEAR FACTORY, as well as the actor David Prowse (aka –Darth Vader), as well as some very special guest appearances.

Protafield-photo-2014Explains the band’s frontman Jayce: “The involvement of Burton (Fear Factory) helped me come up with a new name/re-branding of Protafield. He was key to giving the band an identity as well as advising on how to develop my ‘guttural roars’ which is something I didn’t do before. Burton is a big fan of the music as I am of his, so it was a real sweet addition to it all. As for Dave Prowse, he has been a continuous integral part to my whole career, driving things forward, getting film producers to come to the shows and also finding angles to introduce me to people in the film business interested in music.”

The album also features guest appearances from Gary Numan and Queen’s Roger Taylor, as well as Mattias Ia Eklundh and Lance Henriksen.

“Gary Numan is on the track “Redesign”. We had both been speaking for a little while about us collaborating on something and when I wrote the track, I could instantly hear his voice on it. So I asked him and he was well up for it. The same happened with Roger Taylor, except not so directly as his right hand man Josh MaCrae suggested I send him some songs. He instantly picked up on the track “Wrath” and so with a little bit of re arranging of the song, Roger played on it. It reminds me a little of “We Will Rock You”.

“Mattias and I met at his guitar Clinic for Laney Amp’s, who we are both endorsed by. They were eager to meet and pair us up in some way. As a result, we kept in touch and eventually he appeared as a guest guitarist on the track “Acrylic”. I needed something instead of vocals on that track, which he provided it with his pagan licks!”

“As for Lance Henriksen, he is is one of those people you instantly have a great vibe with, he is a great guy to be around! When I asked him to re-say his line “Droid” at the bar where were drinking, I recorded him onto my phone and said I would use it on the album, then both laughed and knocked back more whiskeys.”

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