PROPHECY FEST Successfully Brought Dark Music Back to Balve – Watch it Here!

Everything comes to an end even a great party of dark and passionate music as Prophecy Fest. An incident-free event with 999 guests from 19 countries including overseas has come to an end with roaring applause for the final band EMPYRIUM and a tear in many eyes that three amazing days with 19 outstanding and magical bands were over at 1am, Sunday morning.

Supported by 60 members of crew and helping hands, 5 security guards that received thanks and praise from many fans, many litres of beer, and a massive supply of German sausages and French fries, the fifth Prophecy Fest in the Cave of Balve was a great success and made possibly with the exceptional support of the authorities that aided the setting up of a health environment that was a safe as possible in these times. Credit goes especially to the Ordnungsamt Balve and the Gesundheitsamt Märkischer Kreis.

Prophecy Fest will return to Balve in September 2023 and the next edition in 2022 will take place in the United States of America.

Martin Koller states: “If you had even just half of the great time that we had at this edition of Prophecy Fest, we probably got a lot of things right”, says the label founder and festival promoter. “Of course there are always new ideas and a learning process to create an even greater experience next time, but we are all proud of what we have achieved in this difficult times for live music.

Many thanks to the Ordnungsamt Balve and the Gesundheitsamt Märkischer Kreis for the great support from the local authorities. Many, many thanks are also due to the Schützenbruderschaft Sankt Sebastian Balve and the Festspielverein Balve for their relentless help and for letting us use this stunning location, the Cave of Balve. There could not be a better place to present our music.

We also need to thank the Feuerwehr Stadt Balve, the medics and rescue service, security, crew, helping hands, and everybody involved. Most of all, we thank the fans and guest for being such a great, peaceful, and joyful crowd cheering the bands along and turning Prophecy Fest into a giant family meeting with an around the clock party. Thank you all and see you again in Balve in 2023!”

What a party! After being starved of bands playing live on stage for nearly two years in the Cave of Balve, Prophecy Fest was pioneering the return of dark, forward thinking music with an attitude in one of the world’s most fascinating cultural locations this weekend. The event in celebration of the label’s 25th  anniversary turned out to be a huge sold out success very much enjoy by fans, bands, crews, and staff alike.

Following the outdoor anniversary party on Thursday 9th with free beer and food, the main event started punctually on Friday 12th at noon. 999 guests mainly dressed in stylish black streamed into the legendary cave where VRÎMUOT delivered a captivating encore of their own brand of neofolk from the day before.  Prophecy Fest does not distinguish between headliners and others and neither doe the fans, who came in droves to enjoy and support ST. MICHAEL FRONT, SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS, and HEKATE.

Special mention must be made to the emotional moment created by DORDEDUH as the Romanians performed classic NEGURĂ BUNGET songs – and quite likely for the last time. DORNENREICH enchanted the crowd with a magic acoustic set. ARTHUR BROWN came, saw, and conquered in a jaw-dropping stage performance that had the crowd roaring. The icing on the musical treats was delivered by Irland’s finest as PRIMORDIAL took the stage by storm.

The weather gods saw it fit to send some drops of rain each day and night, but the sun broke quickly through the crowds each time. Security reported not a single incident and three lost mobile founds were quickly found and reunited with their happy owners. The dark music crowd once again proved to be one great family, partying hard, listening amazing bands, and sticking together like super-glue.

Saturday, 11th brought the final day and the last remaining tickets went over the counter. Prophecy Fest reported the festival to be sold out. SPIRITUAL FRONT from Italy opened proceedings with a passionate show that filled the cave from the start. German black metal act EÏS contrary to their name returned to the stage with fiery spirit, while the Swiss contribution E-L-R set an early exclamation mark with the two charming rock ladies at the front delivering doomy, sludgy, guitar drone and fuzz.

Italy’s second contribution of the day, KLIMT 1918 offered a smooth and relaxed hour with their catchy tunes. DORDEDUH left the audience stunned with brilliantly performed material mostly from their highly acclaimed current album “Har”. DOOL whipped the already energised crowd into a frenzy with a heavy rocking show that had Raven hammering out hit after hit. The Dutch are bound for stadiums without doubt. There could not have been a more beautiful contrast than DEINE LAKAIEN following with one of the beloved acoustic shows. A brilliant singer and an exceptional pianist on a Steinway & Sons, the duo Veljanov and Horn excelled.

Those full-body goosebumps hardly had time to settle, before the magician Markus Stock delivered the grand finale with an all-star line-up under the resonating name EMPYRIUM. Having sparked the founding of Prophecy Production 25 years ago, this was the fitting and breathtaking show to end a festival that brought dark music back to the stage. Smiling faces all around from guests, bands, and crew alike showed that Prophecy Fest 2021 has been a giant success. See you all again in Balve in September 2023!

The stream of Prophecy Fest 2021 will remain online for a couple of days longer. Streaming is free, but those who want to contribute a donation are welcome to do so. Those, who donate 40 USD or more will receive a copy of the Prophecy 25th Anniversary Book.

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Prophecy Productions are an international label and were originally founded by their owner Martin Koller in Germany in 1996. From the beginning, the label has the declared aims of providing a dedicated home for eerie emotional music and to offer long-term collaborations to artists signing into the family. This concept has generated a roster displaying a stylistic emphasis on dark music from different genres such as metal and rock, alternative, and folk. Signees on the label are generally characterised by a strong artistic vision, which is reflected in premium physical products. Prophecy Productions is best known for artists such as Empyrium, Alcest, Arcturus, Tenhi, Dool, and The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices feat. Lisa Gerrard. Prophecy Productions are a part of the independent media group SPKR.

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