Rating: 3/5
Lifeforce Records
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Band line-up:

Joshua Orsi – vocals
Ludovic Lacroix – guitar
Elric Doswald – guitar
Mathieu Tappolet – bass
Nils Haldi – drum



  1. Our Common Fall
  2. Unspoken
  3. Dark Souls
  4. Frostbite
  5. Age of Unrest
  6. The Sour Taste
  7. Broken Structures
  8. Vacant
  9. Inert and Bound
  10. Dead Motion
  11. Lost Body
  12. Echoes of the Universe



Promethee are based in Geneva, Switzerland, the band formed in 2008 and quickly began touring France & Switzerland with their post hard-core brand of metal. 2010 saw then release their eponymous EP, followed in 2012 by their debut album “Nothing Happens. Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes”. Further tours have followed, throughout Europe and even as far as Canada & Cuba. Promethee use the term ‘Defending their music’ when referring to live shows, but here is music that does not need defending. ‘Unrest’ may be the tricky second album, but it seems they have managed to combine ability with creativity without any problems. 12 tracks also offers the buyer great value for money, with a full 50 minutes of music.

‘Our Common Fall’ opens the album in a fairly dramatic and attention grabbing way, brutal vocals that are screamed between skillful guitar riffs and solid drumming. This is not for the feint-hearted, but the emotions are twisted by the intricate guitars and it is the musicianship that makes this stand out. ‘Unspoken’ is equally brutal, with intense speed and yet complicated rhythms punctuate the masterful guitars that draw you in. ‘Dark Souls’ gives the listener a musical roller-coaster of a ride with epic highs & lows and speedy turns, while ‘Frostbite’ pounds and gnarls its way through from beginning to end.

The vocals are husky and desperate in ‘Age of Unrest’, but the music lifts it and ‘The Sour Taste’ continues with the anguished vocals over divine guitar riffs. ‘Broken Structures’ goes full gallop, with plenty of interesting musical sectors throughout, it slips straight into ‘Vacant’ which  gives plenty of light & shade within the music. ‘Inert and Bound’ is full of doom and darkness, leading into ‘Dead Motion’ a short instrumental interlude, that gives you a moment to collect your thoughts once more. ‘Lost Body’ return to the brutality of the album with full force, before finally ‘Echoes of the Universe’ which is by far the longest song on the album, and the one with the most interesting twists & turns, stunning music creating a backdrop to spoken word and punctuated by harrowing screams, the spoken word emulates the radio broadcasts of WWII, and lends the song a dismal air of despondency, culminating in a haunting finale.

I would not say that this is something I would choose to listen to myself, but I can see the skills here and appreciate that many would find this a feast for their ears, its hard to escape the technical abilities of the musicians on show, its full of energy and power, but the vocals become a little wearing by the end, being at one level throughout. Certainly worth checking out if you like your metal a shade heavier.

Review by Lisa Nash