Process Of Guilt/Rorcal 12″ Split

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Bleak Recordings
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Released: 10/08/2014
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Process Of Guilt/Rorcal 12" SplitBand line-up:

Process Of Guilt

Custódio Rato – Bass
Gonçalo Correia – Drums
Nuno David – Guitar
Hugo Santos – Guitar and Vocals


Bruno de Encarnação – Bass
Ron Lahyani – Drums
Diogo Almeida – Guitar
JP Schopfer – Guitar
Yonni Chapatte – Vocals.

Track Listing:

Process Of Guilt

1. Liar: Movement I
2. Liar: Movement II
3. Liar: Movement III


5. IX
6. X
7. XI


Splits can be a great way of discovering two or more bands for the price of one album and on the evidence here, this PROCESS OF GUILT/RORCAL split will be introducing you to two of your new favourite extreme metal bands.

PROCESS OF GUILT are Portugal natives and veterans of three full-lengths and ply a doomy, brash and abrasive form of metal that makes extensive use of feedback, wails and atmosphere. Their involvement on this split almost doubles as something of a sonata: “Liar” is split into three separate movements (tracks) that interweave and forms a winding, cohesive track. “Movement I” awakens slowly and lurches forwarded before erupting into a weighty and beastly attack that carries an air of black metal’s atmospherics about it, as well as the throaty vocals and fuzzy guitars. Nearing the track’s end, it slows and whines into “Movement II”, which carries a touch more atmospherics amidst the slight tempo drop.

Despite winding and exploring atmospheres, both feel very focused. Every passage, every riff feels as if it has been leaned and honed to ensure there is no unnecessary adventures into self-indulgence. As before, “Movement II” segues into “Movement III” seamlessly and rounds of PROCESS OF GUILT’s contributions with wailing guitars, squeals and little phrases here that just hint at a feeling, or an emotion. Imagine the soundtrack to urban decay or a land left wasted by a war.

The second half of this split is courtesy of Switzerland’s RORCAL – themselves veterans of three albums and purveyors of a doom-laden form of black metal which is immediately apparent when “IX” roars into life. With momentary quiet after the wailing final throes of “Liar: Movement III”, it builds with static and hum before erupting into a dissonant flurry of guitars, screams and rapid drum fills. Not to be out-done for atmosphere, there are elements of light and shade within “IX” that allow for breath to be drawn, and the same goes for “X”, where RORCAL switch between frenzied blasting to a sludge-y mid-tempo stomp. Closer “XI” serves as an ideal closer – unbridled aggression with blasting throughout, but it all builds to a devastatingly slower finale, utilising PROCESS OF GUILT’s staple of atmosphere to sign off from both.

In many ways, the two bands represent a form of light and shade themselves, with PROCESS OF GUILT offering a slower, more purposeful approach that focuses on the atmosphere, whilst RORCAL take the furious and more chaotic stance. Where “Liar” should be listened to as a sonata with all three of its movements, RORCAL’s contributions can be listened to on their own. But that variety spices the split up and it is so much more rewarding for it; it showcases both bands styles whilst retaining the atmospheric thread of consistency between the two. Varied and powerful. Very enjoyable.

Review by Lee Carter