Primus at The Royal Albert Hall

5th April 2012, Review by Danny Draper

Photography by Michelle Murphy
At ten past seven it didn’t look like the glorious venue of the Royal Albert Hall was going to sell out. Anticipation is in the air for this is the second night of a two part audio history lesson of the greatness that is Primus!

The previous night had a run through of the Sailing Seas of Cheese and Green Naugahyde records in their entirety and tonight we had cuts from six records and some tracks not on the records.

The music that we came into the hall to was some jaunty 20’s/30’s music, that helped to set up the offbeat and progressive like nature of the night to come.

Kicking off with To Defy the Laws of Tradition from Frizzle Fry and going amazingly well into Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread was a great opening.
Particular favourites from the first set had to be Moron TV and Jerry was a Race Car Driver, two awesome songs that were belted out brilliantly.
Les Claypools brilliant bass playing hypnotises all during opener To Defy the Laws of Tradition followed by the ethereal guitars of Duchess and the Mind Spread with the proggy tapping bass lick.
The stage was very curious as well; two giant spacemen under blue lights decorated the stage under the giant pipe organ, cloaked in black that adorns the area above the stage. Truly this is an amazing venue and a lot of bands will never sound as good as they do in this venue ever again, which is as amazing as it is sad.
The second set began with Jillys on Crack and John the Fisherman, followed by Fisticuffs with a reprise of the Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows. During Southbound Pachyderm, a lucky soul who managed to rush the stage took Les Claypools hat!

It’s good to see a couple of Marshall half stacks on stage, as once again on April 5th, we loose another figure in rock music. Along with Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley, we now remember Jim Marshall, the father of loud who sadly passed

Seas of Cheese, Mr Krinkle and Eyes of the Squirrel were the songs that proceeded and ending that featured another few favourites of mine in Lee Van Cleef and Harold of the Rocks with a teaser of Voodoo Child chucked in between for good measure.
An encore of My Name is Mud and Too Many Puppies ended what was a great night of madness from the pioneers of crazy, Primus [5/5]