Pride And Fall – Of Lust And Desire by Gary Trueman

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor / Label: Dependent
Release: 2013

Pride And Fall - Of Lust And DesireBand Line up
Sigve Monsen
Per Waagen
Svein Johnsen






Track Listing

  1. Sculpure Of  Lust And Desire
  2. Hollow
  3. Passionate Pain
  4. Turn The Lights On
  5. The Void Let Me Go First
  6. The Comforter
  7. The Knife
  8. Reborn
  9. A River Runs Through It
  10. Fear Your Love
  11. Epilogue


Six years is a long time in the music business so for Norwegian futurpop act PRIDE AND FALL it must have felt a bit like landing on a new planet when they finally decided to put out album number four.  The music world may have moved on enormously in that time but ‘Of Lust And Desire’ is a natural follow on from previous outing ‘In My Time OF Dying’.  This is a good thing as the continuity will please their fans while the inevitable progression should see them gain new ones.

The key to what makes this new release work so well is that the music is varied albeit in the same vein.  At one end of the spectrum you get an almost melancholic synth pastiche which you could easily imagine appearing on the soundtrack of some retro film at Cannes.  While giving depth to the album it does rather slow down the pace of things a little too much.  ‘River’ while maintaining a necessary dour nature does come across as having too big a frown on its face to truly fit the music around it.  Curtain closer ‘Epilogue’ is much more like it.  It retains the mood but has a subtle beat that gives it the lift it needs.

The flip side of ‘Of Lust And Desire’ are the dance oriented tracks which thankfully make up its bulk.  Here the band really excel with a sound that ventures into EBM territory, dips its toe in old style new wave but always maintains total originality.  ‘Fearyourlove’ might suffer from an overly long intro but when it gets going it almost defies you not to dance to it.  This is no smack you round the face electro hard core though, this is the smooth and seductive face of synth music.  I like it a lot.  Better still is ‘Hollow’ which is one of those songs good enough to break through traditional boundaries and reach out to fans of other genres.  It is engaging, it has a great pace and is executed wonderfully well.  One truly memorable track and a handful of pleasing ones isn’t a bad return for a band that have been on hiatus for over half a decade.  Lets hope we don’t have to wait as long for the next album.

Review by Gary Trueman