PRETTY ADDICTED Interview by Jo Blackened

“Pretty Addicted are a GDM band from London.”GDM” standing for “Goth Dance Music”; a term coined by the band themselves to describe their messy and dark take on Dance music!

Hey Vicious, thanks for your time today!

Thanks for having me!

Pretty Addicted exploded onto the scene in only 2013, yet you have already created a great fan base & played with some great EBM/Industrial bands! Where has been your favourite place to have played & shared the shared the stage with so far?

Gothenburg, Sweden was an absolutely awesome place to play! We were supporting Hocico which have got to be my favourite Industrial band, in fact one of the only few Industrial bands I listen to anymore. That’s got to be one of my favourite gigs. The crowd was electric that night! Also it’s always nice to play in London as well because it is my hometown and there are obviously friends who come along to dance their tits off and make you feel appreciated. So that’s always got extra warmth to it.

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You describe your music as GDM ‘Goth Dance Music’ can you describe this with abit more detail & how it about?

We essentially provide an alternative style to Dance music really; taking hard-hitting drums, sinister basslines, odd noises, crywank strings, breakbeats and an offensive, aggressive, powerful overtone to create the kind of sound that, not only have you not heard before, but that hits you right in the face like a ton of bricks! I can’t say it better than that (laughs). Goths making Dance music. Dance music made by some bastard that looks like your worst nightmare!

Without being signed, you must have to do a lot of promotion yourself? Is it hard work having to put everything together yourself?

A hell of a lot of promotion is involved! It is hard having to put everything together myself and sometimes you have to work extra hard to see the same result as the music industry is a harsh business but you only get out what you put in so I’ll constantly promote and network and find new ways to reach fans and potential fans, going to farther lengths, because I WANT to be successful. I want the hard work to pay off. I’m absolutely fine knowing I have to graft to get anywhere close to the top so I try not to focus on the fact that it’s grueling sometimes; it’s got to be done.
No one’s going to do it for me and that’s the long and short of it.

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What is the process of Pretty Addicted, do you write all the music & lyrics yourself?

I do write all the music and lyrics myself. I go into the studio with my engineer, I write everything and he constructs it with my direction. He then goes away to mix it and we send it back and forth until it’s the way I want it and then once it’s all mixed I send it off to be mastered. It’s a technical process, one which takes longer than you might think, but it’s 100% worth having a proper professional on your team to do all the bits you can’t do to a professional standard yourself.

Some of the lyrics are quite harsh & extremely expressive, is this something that is important to you?

The lyrics are what hold all this together and are how we convey our point. The lyrics define what the song is about and what emotion the song is portraying. Words are VERY important things to me, forces if you will. I’ve written things; songs, stories, poems, ramblings, notes, since I was a child and it’s how I express myself. I can tell you what I want to say best with my words and passionate words especially. The message, concept and theme of this album are best told through the lyrics; with the tone of my voice and the passion I spew with words. I talk to myself out loud a lot; I can talk for hours to myself about anything, everything, getting it all out. This album just gave me an outlet to say it all publicly.

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You also discuss the issue of gender being an issue & like to class yourself as ‘genderless’. Can you please go into a bit more detail about this & how you feel on this issue?

I often discuss gender being an illusion and I identify as “genderless”. I am not a man or a woman in my head and I hate being pigeon-holed into one word, “male” or “female” because I feel both and neither at the same time. I don’t accept the way we are confined into “roles” as children- and adults- and are told if you have a vagina you must dream about falling in love and having kids and if you have a dick you are playing with guns and making fart jokes. We’re constrained to ideas of what we must be and it’s SCARY frankly. Just because I have one type of genitalia does not make me a specific gender and I won’t be told so.

Your first album ‘Filth’; which came out in 2013 had a great response! As I have also seen you play live, fans especially love tracks ‘”PCP For The Crackheads” and “Clown”. You’ve also released a new single “Mania” in May, of this year. Which are your favourite tracks to perform live to and why?

The crowd favourites are always awesome to play, so yes “Clown” and “PCP For The Crackheads” are usually a must. They go down really well, especially as we often use a clown performer to give it that extra shit-scary fun-time added twist! “Mania” has had the best response of any song people have heard from us. It’s got a great dance vibe to it so people into all sorts of genres of music have told me they liked it and it’s been played on all sorts of radio stations from goth to EDM ones which has been a much welcome pleasure!

We’ve opened the last 2 shows with “Mania” and it seems it’s a brilliant song to open with as people are right away there with us, dancing and singing along to the hook; it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing when you look out to people singing the heart out to your songs back to you, knowing it matters to them. Truly amazing.

You seem to have a very supportive fan base, which you have called them all as “Crackheads”. How did this come about?

It’s an affectionate thing. It’s also a very British thing. We, as Brits, tend to call our own friends “dickheads”, “knobheads”, “shitheads” as terms of endearment. It’s a way of saying “You’re crazy and I love you!” So that’s the meaning behind the term “Crackheads” really. It was made up by a former member’s girlfriend at the time as she said someone would have to be on crack to like this (she said this also affectionately) and I just liked that a lot. So I started saying it and people latched on to it. They get that it’s affectionate; a way of saying “You’re crazy and we love you!” and that really is what it is.

You have a new album being released soon! Can you tell us what the writing process and the main theme to this album?

The main theme to the album is childhood; how things that happen in our childhood affect what happens in our adulthood and that we are shaped by what we go through as children, infants and youths. My childhood was a tough one and I’m getting that all out through this album as my form of therapy. The imagery goes with this childhood theme too. The sort of quirky, “clownish”, clunky, sinister Disney type thing we’re doing. Childhood is a fun and actually quite sinister topic so I think that suits us.

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There has also been a recent live line-up change since the first release. What do you feel is the most important factor for people to work together? And what makes you stand out from other live bands in this unique genre?

The live Pretty Addicted show is something that I would say definitely needs to be seen and they only get better as we become better at what we do. Also with real instruments on stage as well, an added harshness is now part of the show and it gives an extra “oomph” to everything.

What are your favourite tracks from the new album & why?

“Mania” is definite up there as a favourite; it was written at the hardest time in my life and is extremely emotional. I always feel a slight pang of pain every time I hear it, in a beautiful way however if that’s understandable. “See No Future”, “KidRave” and “See You On The Other Side” are also favourites.
Again, all incredibly emotional songs and dark meanings although they all share an upbeat tempo/vibe. All of the songs on this album are emotional in fact; I really ripped out my soul on this one and put it directly into the music. I had to. It was the only way I could get it all out.

 If you could play anywhere, where would it be and why?

America or Japan. I have a feeling they’d dig our music in Japan. We’re weird too, which helps.

Are you attending any festivals this year, with the band or just as a fan yourself?

Well of course we were supposed to play Alt-Fest but that got cancelled which really devastated me, but I guess that’s the way things go. I will be going to Creamfields as a fan in August; can’t wait! Need a good festival and a good rave up! It’s been a busy year and I need to let off some steam!

[INTERVIEW] PRETTY ADDICTED Interview by Jo Blackened [EDIT]

What does the future hold for ‘Pretty Addicted’?

Hopefully massive things. I’m going for gold so let’s hope it glitters!

When is the album being released and where can people buy it from?

The album is out Wednesday Aug 6th and you can buy it either from our online store: our Bandcamp store or ITunes. So get that shit!!