Praise The Flame Release Debut Album ‘Manifest Rebellion’

Chilean Death Metal group Praise the Flame have released their first album: ‘Manifest Rebellion’ on Memento Mori records.


The group are now leading the way among the Chilean death metal canon with one writer, Shrivatsan R. summing up their sound as: ‘the sinister riffs should come as a treat to any death/black metal enthusiast.’

Praise the Flame is a band that comprises members of Death Yell, Megiddo, Insorcist and Occidens, and these underground veterans have a new mission with ‘Manifest Rebellion’.

It’s one of the most eagerly awaited albums in the underground and it’s not going to disappoint. It’s poised to overturn the commercial death metal scene by infesting it with its own brand of virulent, tempestuous and obscure death metal, harbouring elements of ancient South American thrash and black metal as well. It’s time for the Chilean underground to rise.


Stream the full album on the group’s bandcamp page.

Visit their Facebook page.

Record label Memento Mori can be found on Facebook.