Potergeist – Crocodile Tears

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Garden Of Dreams RecordsReleased: May 2015
Buy Album [URL]: https://godrecordsgardenofdreams.bandcamp.com/album/potergeist-crocodile-tears
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/potergeist

Potergeist - Crocodile TearsBand line-up:

Alex – Vocals
Nick – Guitar
Stratal – Guitar
Kostis – Bass
Tolis – Drums

  1. Swamp Muse Summoning
  2. Crocodile Tears
  3. Visit From A Swampire
  4. What Then
  5. Truth
  6. Atonement
  7. The Preacher And The Witch
  8. Eve
  9. Last Punk Standing



Greek sludge rockers Potergeist may have a name very close to a mean spirited ghost but there’s nothing incorporeal about their music. Taking a very large leaf out of the Down school of southern influenced heaviness this five piece have a sound that is full without ever getting messy. Gruff vocals compliment the angry sound perfectly. You get the feeling that being based in Athens that just a little bit of their homeland’s troubles are rubbing off on the band.

‘Crocodile Tears’ is in many ways a sample of how musical influence spreads so quickly these days. Now the European divide so often obvious no longer exists at all. The first track is a stunted and rather superfluous distraction, a sub thirty second intro of the like we see on so many albums these days. After that though both the title track and ‘Visit From A Swampire’ hit home with big riffs and properly head banging rhythms. The rest of the record continues to be equally bold although more diversity wouldn’t go amiss.

If Potergeist can avoid embellishing their records with unnecessary and unwanted filler then they should have a bright future ahead of them. Tough times often end up seeing creativity soar and here Greece is proving the point with a band that has taken the stoner sound and moulded it into Phil Anselmo’s irked European cousin. ‘Crocodile Tears’ shows enough strength to suggest that Potergeist are ready to spread their wings and take on the bellweather UK and US markets.

Review by Gary Trueman