Post Mortal Possession – Possessing Entity

Rating: 3/5
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Released: November 2014
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Post Mortal Possession - Possessing EntityBand line-up:

Jake McMcMullen- Guitars
Brian Cremeens- Guitars
Tim Church- Bass
Nick Bentzel- Drums
Eddie Gremba- Vocals



1 The Harvest
2 Suspended By Nails
3 Death March
4 The Arrival
5 Visceral Butchery



Conceived in 2013, Pittsburgh’s own Post Mortal Possession venture forth into to the big wide world with their first EP, Post Mortal Possession. The steel city natives are one of those “meat and 2 veg” death metal bands, no thrills, just heavy enough to destroy planets. I expect blood, guts and the murder weapon.

Kicking off with ‘The Harvest’, this an assault to the senses from the get go. Like a rabid dog, the attack is as vicious as one can imagine, it’s like what would happen if Goatwhore and Vader to fight upon the arena, and the resulting blood and entrails are what form the core of their sound. So as you can imagine, it’s pretty full on to say the absolute least, and that’s meant in the highest regard.

Unfortunately though, there’s not much to separate them from any other death metal band looking to carve their destiny. It’s good, there’s no denying that, it’s just that you hear one song, you’ve heard them all, maybe there’s something I’m missing that true death metal die hards can relate to. I will say this though, it’s fucking heavy, I’m pretty much sold on this alone.

Truth be told, I’m perhaps not the most fanatical person in the world about death metal, but this I like. Maybe it’s not the most diverse of albums, but it definitely serves a purpose, which is to rip out your spine and leave a quivering pool of humanity in its wake. Some may say that’s mission accomplished, and I’m certainly amongst them, recommended if you like huge riffs, savage vocals and smashing you face into a wall.

Review by Ryan Spearman