Plugs Of Apocalypse – Deeper Than Hell

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2017
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Artwork Plugs Of Apocalypse 600x600Band line-up:

Giorgio Della Posta – Lead Vocals & Synth
Alessandro Sajeva – Guitar
Iacopo Fichera – Bass
Davide Itri – Drums


01. Deeper Than Hell
02. Ablaze
03. Burn Everything I Love
04. Tears
05. Live Together, Die Alone
06. Louder
07. All Over Again
08. Broken Bones
09. Veins Of Glass
10. Beyond The Sky


There are essentially two kinds of alternative metal bands: those which blend diverse elements that you wouldn’t expect to be featured in a metal band, and those which merge so many metal sub-genres that you can’t pinpoint one to label them. Plugs Of Apocalypse belong in the latter batch. At least now. Formed 9 years ago in the Eternal City (that’s Rome, for those of you less romantic) as a deathcore act, two albums were released and brought them some popularity among the ‘core community. But then came the opportunity to release an EP featuring Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Tommaso Riccardi and Veronica Bordacchini and that’s what triggered the change in direction. POA themselves mention “more melodic influences”, but that’s so vague. Sarah Moon sings in “Tears” and Lorenza Rose Cirillo in “Burn Everything I Love” but there are female voices throughout the record, very much symphonic metal – the keyboards and whole vibe of “Ablaze” pretty much symphonic as well. “Live Together, Die Alone” bears a goth sadness to it, while the desolation in “Veins Of Glass” is as deep as the one that post-metal bands express in their songs. And then “Beyond The Sky” brings back a little bit of their deathcore past mingled with inconsistent tempos that prog fans would smile at – a very avant-garde track. In fact, the whole record is leading-edge.

If you knew them before and liked what they did back then, “Deeper Than Hell” might sound weird now. But whether you like that weirdness or not, I hope you acknowledge its talent.

Review by Renata Lino