Planning For Burial/Liar In Wait – Split 7″ by Gary Trueman

Planning For Burial / Liar In Wait                2/5
Mischief Night / Paper Houses – Split 7”     4/5

Distributor/label: Broken Limbs Recordings
Released: 2014
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1. Planning For Burial- Mischief Night
2. Liar In Wait- Paper Houses


Split singles used to be a good way for bands to share costs, before the silicon chip took over making them virtually redundant.  With the resurgence in vinyl has come a surprising return of the two band seven inch.  While not really necessary it’s still a good marketing tool especially if the tracks are also available for those without anything as old fashioned as a turntable.  Here Doom-core outfit Planning For Burial and Cold Wave Goths Liar In Wait have taken the trouble to commit to the two in a bed route.

First up is ‘Planning For Burial’ with ‘Mischief Night’ which starts out sounds quite a lot like a seventies experimental song.  Unfortunately much of what it could have been is lost in the recorded in a toilet sound.

Everything plods along in time and tune but the vocals are indecipherable, coming across like a melancholy Nirvana fronted by The Cure’s Robert Smith.  At nearly six minutes long you keep expecting it to change gear but it never does, finishing with the same misty ambiance that is set off with.

Paper Houses on the other hand is an altogether different affair.  Clear and with a great sense of theatre you still get a certain gloomy outlook but it’s lifted by the quite stark and sympathetic production.  ‘Liar In Wait’ seem to want to at least smile but you just know it’d end up looking like a grimace.  That’s just fine by me because they do this sound s very well.  This is a fine introduction to a band that will have a full album out next year.  If they can keep this standard and get some variety in the mix too then they might well have a hit on their hands.

One hit and one nice try but no cigar isn’t a bad return for a format that used to turn up all sorts of forgettable tosh.  I’m still no sold on the viability of the split single but here it is doing the job it was originally designed for.  I hope that in the case of Liar In Wait they choose to put Paper Houses on the new album.

‘Planning For Buria’l may well want to rework their effort before it surfaces again.  The real win here is seeing bands cooperating to get their music heard, and for that both bands need to be applauded.

Review by Gary Trueman