Pindhar – Parallel

Rating: 1/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 2021
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Band Website: Facebook

Band line-up:

Cecilia Miradoli – vocals
Max Tarenzi . Guitar, synths.


1. Anacreonte
2. Parallel
3. Glass Soul
4. Corri
5. Too Late (a big wave)
6. Atoms and Dust
7. Hidden Wonders
8. The Hour of Now







Question: How did you find lockdown last year? If your answer to that was: “Boring”, then you’re not alone in thinking the debut album by Italian art-rock/trip-hop group Pindhar followed suit.

“Parallel” is…erm…see, that’s the problem. No matter how many times I listened through this tome from the Milan outfit (which was made entirely during lockdown), I really cannot come away with much to say.

If their objective was assembling some synthesisers, guitars, and mildly upbeat and vaguely dark vocals to reflect the ennui of 2020, they deserve the Victoria Cross. But for those of us who want dreamy pop music that is both heart-warming and melancholic to reflect the hardships of the present day, Cecilia Miradoli’s vocals are forgettable, to say the least.

Not a single track on this eight-piece album sticks out, no matter how hard you try to read into the band’s oeuvre, which is delivered with strangely placed keys and tempo changes here and there.

If the band were trying to say something about the lockdown and how irritating it was, they did it, but I did not want to be reminded of how dull the last 18 months were in a style that felt like I was locked in a bedroom with nothing but annoying deleted synthpop singles for company.

I can’t put it any other way, don’t buy this record. As harsh as that sounds, you really are saving yourself from being catapulted back to March 2020 when it seemed like everything had stopped working. But if that is what you want to subject your musical palate to, give this band a whirl.

Review by Demitri Levantis