Pigs – Wronger

Distributor/label: Solar Flare Records
Distributor/label URL: www.solarflarerds.com
Released: 2015
Buy Album [URL]: shop.solarflarerds.com
Band Website: www.pigsnyc.com

Pigs- Wronger


Dave Curran, Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Schneider, Bass, Vocals
Jim Paradise, Drums

01. A Great Blight
02. The Life In Pink
03. Bet It All On Black
04. Amateur Hour In Dick City
05. Mope
06. Wrap It Up
07. Mouth Dump
08. Make Sure To Forget
09. Bug Boy*
10. Wronger
11. Donnybrook
*vocals by Julie Christmas
 Following their first album, You Ruin Everything, Pigs have released their second album called Wronger and they arebased in Brooklyn, New York. Pigs call their genre of music noise rock, and from what I have listened to, it’s an acquired taste, however there are fundamental issues with this album.

The first track of any album needs to make the listener listen on and explore the musical journey that the lucky artist has provided for the listener’s aural pleasure. What A Great Blight provides is a complete utter mess and is repetitive beyond imagination. I can’t believe the band select this track to start this album as it completely gives off the wrong impression and quite possibly stop some listeners continuing listening to the rest to the release.

The Life In Pink shows Pigs creative intentions of this album by hard hitting vocals and solid song structure which throws the album into the air and its starting the decent to the ground at a slower speed, gaining some credibility back from the first track on the album. Bet it All on Black continues to progress Wronger in a positive manner adding a slick solid track which is one of the strongest on the album so far.

Amateur Hour In Dick City is the linchpin for this album, holding everything together and also showcasing what Pigs are really about, their signature sound, their style and their musical personality all combining into a track which proves the meaning quality over quantity. Moving onto Mope is certainly a marmite track, it will divide opinion throughout, on the one hand itadds a unique feel with the distorted effects in the intro of the song, however to some this wouldn’t sound good at all. I’m on the fence, but see Mope as a statement track of the album, showing the different variety in Pigs’s style and sound. For that reason alone, Mope does what it needs to do.

Wrap It Up is for me, one of the weaker tracks on Wronger, starting with the vocals not sitting perfectly within the mix of the song and in some places the vocal levels need raising as the vocals get overpowered by all that’s around, mainly the drums and guitar. Switching up the song structure with a noticeable dialog, Open Mouth Dump adds another different element to Wronger and is well received and even though it’s one of the shortest tracks of the album, it’s as significant as Amateur Hour In Dick City, showing Pigs don’t just have one string to their bow.

Make Sure To Forget follows on the correlation a good album, it’s nothing special, but being a creative compliment isn’t anything to laugh about. Forwarding into Bug Boy which sees the collaboration on vocals with Julie Christmas which works really well, the tone and delivery of the vocal makes the track a good addition to Wronger.

Into the home stretch with the last two tracks on the release, the self titled Wronger and Donnybrook rounds off the album nicely in particular being Donnybrook which feels like a track which should end a album and also being one of the stronger tracks of the release.

Overall Pigs should be proud of their efforts in delivering Wronger to their fans and supporters, it’s good, but not the best in the production sense and the inclusion of the first track of the album was the wrong decision, however if you like the genre Noise Rock and the heavier variety of Rock music, you will enjoy this album being added to your record collection.