Phallic Shrine @ Bangkok, Thailand

Review and photography by by Sabrina Selkis ( or )

Address: 2 2 พระรามที่ 1 Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand


Thailand, Thailand…what would you be without your beautiful sea and Ladyboys!

Prude people look away, right now. Don’t read this either, as I will be mentioning dicks and show pictures of wooden dicks. You have been warned-you are welcome!



One doesn’t simply wander the streets of Bangkok without asking around the location of the mystic phallic shrine. Let me tell you what I mean:

Man wearing a suit,”Sorry what you look for?”

Me, ”The phallic temple, with hmm men wooden thingy, you know…hum…Penis…”

Man wearing a suit is walking away…Today is going to be harder and more awkward than I thought. Even though my researches on the subject were extensive last night (get it, get it?), I only managed to get a vague location. I knew it was by the river, a little place tucked away, but I keep going around in circles.


I even ask the security man of Swissôtel Bangkok hotel, he doesn’t know what I am talking about.

But then, miracle, hidden between trees I can see the holy grail :



Dicks. Dicks everywhere! Small, big, thin, pink, yellow, blue! I am now surrounded by dicks.Never thought that would ever happen. My bucket list is getting small people!



After all the giggling and picture taking, because it just simply never gets old, you realise the seriousness of this place, as it is not a laughing matter for Thai people. It is named the Shrine of Goddess Tubtim, a fertility shrine, built to honor Chao Mae Tubtim , the female fertility goddess. Women of all ages who are typically in the early stages of trying to start a family will pay their respects to Miss Tubtim. They bring with them offerings of white lotus buds & white jasmine flowers, and ask her in return to ensure a happy and healthy child will be conceived.




Our society is far gone from those superstitions but we still need to respect those who believe in them, giggling allowed of course!

So there you have it, if you ever end in Bangkok, take some time to go on this mini and fun expedition, it will always come in handy(!) to bring up at a boring dinner party you want to be kicked out of. You are welcome!