Peter Murphy – Bare-Boned And Sacred

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Beggars Banquet
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Released: 2017
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Peter Murphy


1. Secret
2. All Night Long
3. Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite…
4. Bewlay Brothers
5. A Strang Kind Of Love
6. The Rose
7. Bauhaus Medley
8. Never Fall Out
9. Gaslit
10. Lion
11. Your Face


Synonymous with fronting gothic art rockers Bauhaus Peter Murphy has always challenged how people perceive music and how it should sound. A true pioneer feted as highly influential by a whole host of more mainstream acts, this album shines a revealing light into the often mysterious musical world that Murphy has made his own. As often with such openness, it’s the imperfections that resonate almost as loudly as the flawless parts.

Aptly named Bare-Boned And Sacred is a live album featuring skeletonised versions of solo work plus a Bauhaus medley that will keep older fans happy. The music really is played in its most basic form which comes at a price. The upside is that you can almost work out the thought process that went into the original writing. It’s a bit like looking at a complex sum and seeing not only the answer but all the working out too. This happens without the messiness you might imagine.

The flipside is the starkness that some of these songs already had is magnified making them a bit too hollow. While Murphy’s voice doesn’t let him down at all the recordings do throw a warts and all contrast on what was coming out of the mic. If you’re used to listening to people who are autotuned to death then the vocals on here will be a bit of a shock. They are though refreshingly honest.

If you remember the unplugged series of recorded shows from a few years back then this will be a familiar format albeit a lo fi version. Peter Murphy once again has stood up to be counted without flinching from being his own true self. It makes this album poignant in many ways because this is a window on to the soul of a creative legend. That soul might not have a halo on it, like this record isn’t full of glossed over fakery. But it shines like a beacon of talent in a sea of mediocrity. This collection of songs tells it like it is and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Review by: Gary Trueman