Pet Slimmer of the Year – Fragments of Uniforms by Ben Spencer

Band Name: Pet Slimmers of the Year
Album Name: Fragments of Uniforms
Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Candlelight Records
Released: 2014
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Pet_SlimmersBand Line up


Album Track listing

1. Arterias
2. Gathering Half the Deep and Full of Voices
3. Tides
4. Mare Imbrium
5. Churning of the Sea of Milk
6. Days Since I Disappeared
7. Fragments
8. La Tormenta


Since their formation, back in 2008, Peterborough’s three piece Pet Slimmers of The Year very quickly put themselves on the map with their early material. Having recorded Fragment’s of Uniforms at Bandit Studios and shared a stage with the likes of *Shels and Year of No Light, this latest offering on Candlelight Records is sure to see the band further their name to new horizons.

Drifting in with ‘Arterias’ the sense aural soundscapes sprawl across the first few minutes with delicate guitar melodies and steady drum work. Around halfway through the tone shifts into a more weighty direction with sonic fuelled riffs with overlapping melodic lead. The vocals intercept to a complimentary manner before layers of distortion and crashing drum work build upward to the closure.

Instant hit, ‘Tides’ flows in a fluid procession of melodies and a faint sounding essence that pulls you into a trance like state. Definitely a track that Post Rock fans will find themselves hitting the replay button for further exploration.

‘Churning of The Sea Of Milk’ intrudes with a heavy guitar crunch that is reminiscent of the heavier material Pelican have dished out over the years. The track disperses into a further array of lush sounding ambience and distant vocals that float by effortlessly.

Meanwhile, ‘Days Since I disappeared’ unravels with a strong layers of melody and consistent drum beats that ascend into a cinematic scale of instrumental bliss that is met with heavy bass slams and tightly crafted lead guitar, marking it as one of the records most enthralling junctures.
Closing off with, ‘La Tormenta’ the fuzzy riffs and cathartic sounding vocals heighten the band’s sound to a higher sense of urgency as the meticulous sounding delicacies come to the foreground with a more prominent layering. The final few moments tread upon slightly heavier ground with metallic guitars and an intensified drum solo to match, giving the record a sense of wholeness.

What worked well with this record was the versatility within their song structures and an ability to strike a well measured balance between both melodies and density. The vocals fitted the instrumentation with ease and certainly helped to focus to the band’s identity and prevent them from lapsing into mediocre territory. Whilst some songs worked better than others, I would recommend this to anyone who feels that Post Rock as a genre has become rather stagnant over recent years as these may just be able to rekindle some of the genres more alluring dynamics.

Review by Ben Spencer