Periphery – Clear EP by Amanda Mae Steele

Rating:     4/5
Distributor/label: Century Media
Released: 27th January 2014
Band Website:
Periphery - Clear [EP]Band line-up:
Spencer Sotelo – Vocals
Misha Mansoor – Guitars
Jake Bowen – Guitars
Mark Holcomb – Guitars
Adam “Nolly” Getgood – Bass
Matt Halpern – Drums

1. Overture (2:12)
2. The Summer Jam (4:17)
3. Feed The Ground (4:38)
4. Zero (5:31)
5. The Parade Of Ashes (5:13)
6. Extraneous (3:20)
7. Pale Aura (4:40)


Thing is – personally I don’t get excited. But that’s because I’m miserable and hate everything. Although it opens with a killer instrumental and I might have smiled a bit. It didn’t last long but it was, in fact, a smile.
I listened to the EP a couple of times and remembered what other people do. You know. Have.. fun.
Dance. Like loons. Party.. hard.

Periphery reminded me of Linkin Park and Faith no More after some particularly messy party, where uncertain substances were consumed and nefarious acts undertaken and the result was this. The strong, tight, riffs certainly pack a punch and Spencer Sotelo’s vocals are pretty damn near perfect for this kind of band.

I wouldn’t say that Periphery were particularly original but what they lack in originality they make up for it with skill and damn near perfect professionalism. This will be the party album of the summer.

Best song: The Summer Jam.