Perfect Fault – Electric Mountain

Rating: 2/5    
Distributor/label: Cariad Records
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Released: 2015
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Electric Mountain ArtworkBand line-up:

Hywel Griff – guitar and vocals,
Dan Edwards – guitar and vocals,
Rob Taylor – bass
Mark Sharpless – drums


1. Headstrong
2. Cup Runneth Over
3. Flowers On The Lamppost
4. Dodo


Electric Mountain is a four track ep, released as a taster for a forthcoming album by South East London based four piece, Perfect Fault. The band members had some spare time from their other projects, namely Pig Iron, Sons of Merrick, Profane and the Sacred & Howl Griff, and began to work together on Pefect Fault for something to do. It seems at some point they must have also visited the Electric Mountain at Llanberis, Snowdonia and were so inspired they named their EP after it, I can understand that, having paid the hydro-power station a visit, it is impressive.

First single from the EP is ‘Headstrong’, a fast paced offering, with a very repetitive guitar riff, a shouty chorus and not a lot to recommend it. ‘Cup Runneth Over’ is at least passable as a song, and the harmonies work well but the verses let it down. ‘Flowers On The Lamppost’ plods along, with a sort of brit-pop vibe, and last up is ‘Dodo’, which needs to be as extinct as the bird. Overall, these are unimaginative and quite dull, which is disappointing.

Perfect Fault play bog standard rock n’ roll, it’s not particularly notable for anything, the vocals are a little strained and the songwriting ordinary, no guitar virtuoso here to save the day either. Though some of the bands they are associated with are well worth checking out, this does nothing to excite the listener. However, Electric Mountain in Llanberis is extrodinary, so spend your money on a day out rather than this lack lustre EP.

Review by Lisa Nash