Get ready for the next firestorm from LA’s hottest prog band!

The wait is over. Perfect Beings are releasing the eagerly anticipated Perfect Beings II on October 16th, 2015. 

Perfect Beings


Tracks to pick up on: The Love Inside, The Yard, Go
Performing live throughout 2014, the band tightened up their sound and evolved into an even more solid unit. New song ideas kept pouring out of singer Ryan Hurtgen and needed to be developed and captured. The guys were ready to get back into the studio and record the follow-up to their 2014 debut. What better place than their home base studio in LA, My Sonic Temple, operated by their guitar player Johannes Luley?
The material started to take shape in early 2015 and the chemistry was undeniable. Everybody in the band was excited about the strength of the new compositions. They represent an indisputable evolution and a logical extension of the first album, but with extra confidence. Hurtgen’s impressionistic songwriting style is even more present on this record, underscored by Luley’s lush and cinematic production. Followers of Perfect Beings will experience mind bending instrumental passages, mixed with the indelible vocal parts they have come to expect from the band.
Perfect Beings II is a firestorm of emotion and raw energy. It combines progressive, experimental, classical, ambient, rock, jazz and pop into one unique style of music that carries Perfect Beings’ unmistakable signature. Their fans won’t be disappointed. Perfect Beings II is true to their roots while at the same time shaping the future of Prog Rock.
Please download the Press Kit PDF for the full details of their second album.
Track listing:
1 Mar del Fuego
2 Cryogenia
3 Samsara
4 The Love Inside
5 Volcanic Streams
6 The Yard
7 Go
8 Rivermaker
9 Cause and Effect
10 The Thrill Seeker
Label: My Sonic Temple
Catalog number: MST1501
UPC: 641444170029

Quotes from their debut album:
“Its eponymous debut is a wonderfully diverse, joyous and complex journey that manages to meld vintage traits with contemporary vibrancy and superb, unique songwriting…… Perfect Beings is easily one of the most impressive debuts I’ve ever heard, and it’s guaranteed to appear on many ‘Best of 2014’ lists later this year”
Rebel Noise

“The resulting self-titled album is simply stunning – not only a terrific debut, but one of the finest new prog albums I’ve heard in quite some time…..If you turn to prog for majestic crescendos, impeccable musicianship, along with a nod to the classic prog of yore, Perfect Beings is the album and group you need to hear”    
USA Progressive Music

“Whilst Perfect Beings have forged a unique sound, the heady combination of superb but not overpowering instrumentation, stunning vocals and infectious melodies will appeal not only to admirers of those mentioned above, but also fans of Moon Safari and Big Big Train. I know it’s still early days but so far for me this is the album of 2014”   DPRP

“…. a perfect album deserves a perfect score. Perfectly composed, perfectly played, perfectly disturbing, perfectly awkward, perfectly beautiful”   ExLibrisPetri – (USA)

“This debut is beyond good”     Ron Kraajkamp –

Perfect Beings are:
Ryan Hurtgen, vocals, piano   (Rene Breton)
Johannes Luley, guitars   (Moth Vellum)
Chris Tristam, bass   (Marjorie Fair, Slash)
Jesse Nason, keyboards   (Deccatree, am)
Dicki Flizar, drums    (Bruce Dickinson, JR’s Great White, Skin)