Patrons – Patrons by Lisa Nash

Rating: 2.5/5    
Distributor/label: I Hate It Records’
Released: March 2014
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Patrons EP Review (2)

1.    Little Victories
2.    Movements
3.    Rituals

Band line-up:

Danny Brooks – Guitar, Vocals
Olly Reed – Bass
Mark Hoynes – Guitar
James Corby – Drums





If you are looking for a cheerful, uplifting tune to brighten a dull Monday morning, then Patrons 3 track EP won’t be a good place to start. Here you will find angst ridden vocals that echo pain and torment. Each verse is screamed out from a background of gloomy drums & guitars that leave you feeling the band need rescuing from whatever hell they are trapped within.

Patrons EP Review (1)
Patrons formed last year in Plymouth, and are playing venues around the south coast and into London. No doubt they will appeal to a young market who feel this same frustration with life, born of the times in which we live. Maybe my life has become too content these days as I just failed to connect with these songs, they sounded the same to me and while I could see they had a quality to them there was nothing memorable about them.

The EP is also being released on limited edition cassette tapes, very retro for a band too young to remember the annoying hiss and how car stereos would chew up your favourite tapes.

Review by Lisa Nash