1. The Fiery Hand (4:29)
  2. Veil Of Gold (3:47)
  3. Serpent Magick (7:07)
  4. The Withered Tree (7:19)
  5. Da Doud Reit Durchn Woid (5:08)
  6. The Blue Demon (7:32)
  7. Pyredancer (5:41)
  8. The Dawn of Saturn (5:35)
  9. Death Aeon Gateway (6:14)
  10. Supernova (10:47)
  11. Wood and Bone (7:43)




Path Of Samsara have brought out their second full release after their initial debut, independently released first album titled ‘Black Lotus’ which firstly demonstrated this “Black Magic Rock ‘n Roll’ style that the band abides by. The trio from Freising, near Munich have yet to play a gig outside of the German speaking world, with gigs in and around their hometown as well as a couple of appearances in Austria, but they have had a lot of work to do with the creating, recording, mixing and production their own material which has resulted in ‘The Fiery Hand’, eleven songs that keep the fires burning and the path well lit for the band to break through to wider recognition. The band have teamed up with Van Records for ‘The Fiery Hand’


They look to have carried on from ‘The Black Lotus’ not entirely deviating from their original style. The Fiery Hand starts strongly with the album titled opener which flows into previously released single ‘Veil Of Gold’, both serving as up tempo and distinct songs that have real staying power. Only problems I would say is with the guitar solos not really being required and I would state that they serve to only detract from the initial positives that are present at the beginning of the album. Some hits and some misses but still a lively opening which demonstrates the band’s surrealistic energy. The album takes a different turn after the opening with ‘Serpent Magick’ resonating some softer, more textured music being built upon very progressive structures. It serves as a lighter more expansive song which captures the full attention as it builds and peaks.

Trio From Freising, Germany
Trio From Freising, Germany

Path Of Samsara are a group of very spiritually minded musicians who have explored their own beliefs and have transferred a lot of what they have researched into their music. This of course has been accompanied by the diverse and ecclectic range of music that the band members listen to in their own time. The album has more examples of the band’s diversity with ‘Da Doud Reit Durchn Void’ opening up to become a dark and atmospheric song, inclusive of gritty screams from the vocalist which have not really been a feature of previous works. Maybe an indication of a darker turn for the band? Most likely not as the album fails to utilise this style again throughout the rest of the album.

The band finish the album with two sperately distinct songs. The track ‘The Dawn Of Saturn’ was released alongside ‘Veil of Gold’ last year and is another example of the fine ability that the band possesses to structure a song that flows with several layers twisting and combining resulting in some very expressive music. The ninth track ‘Death Aeon Gateway’ serves to be a powerful addition to the album. It runs along with a potent body of guitar work which breaks away from the mold of previous songs and finishes the album with a strong case for being the most rock orientated track of the bunch. This leads into Supernova then ‘Wood and Bone’ for a strong end to an album that has its ups and downs throughout but has shown just how focused the band has been, and has also highlighted the sense of self awareness within the band that will only serve for their future progression.

Path Of Samsara are clearly deep thinkers and have created some thought provoking music in The Fiery Hand. The subject matter is understood and elaborated well throughout alongside some potent and atmospheric music. The only qualms I could have with this album are the attempted guitar solos which in my opinion do not blend well with the music. The ability and scales used do not seem to be quite there yet for this one small feature, but they do detract from the songs in which they are used so maybe future releases could abstain from including solos. A good album that does exhibit some raw talent from the band. They clearly know what they are all about and they have youth on their side to explore deeper into the spirtualistic realm and also to adapt and refine their musical abilities. They infuse rock, pop, jazz, folk with some elements of metal quite expertly,and they know how to write some catchy songs so there is a bright future ahead for Path Of Samsara.