Interview by Melanie Brehaut

Past the Fall


 Hi guys! So, congratulations on landing the support slot on Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens’ UK tour. How does it feel knowing you’ll be sharing a stage with such a legend?

Pretty surreal and very exciting! I can still remember one of my top gigs was Iced Earth and Lamb of God at Wembley so to be now hitting the stage in support is killer!

You recently wrapped up quite a lengthy ‘Metal Maniacs’ tour. Did it live up to its name? It sounds like a fun gig!


Definitely! It was a really intense tour in many ways- we did 17 shows in 18 days across 7 countries over 7000 miles, and I think we were truly blessed to do it with some enormously cool and talented bands (Pirana, Desercrator and Hirax) who became our brothers! There was a good all round helping of debauchery, nudity, beer, mescal, new friends and sweat boxes of amazing shows!

 You’ve had a bit of a Spinal Tap ‘revolving drummer’ situation since you formed. Any sign of a permanent sticksman yet?

Tell us about it! Its costing us a fortune dry cleaning the green goo off the drum stools! Sam is our latest addition and a very talented, funny and well rounded guy he is too so for us that really ticks all the boxes, so I’m sure if he can handle all the bad jokes and farts in the van he’s on for the long haul!

What about the debut album you’ve been hinting at? I’m sure your fans are champing at the bit!

Us included! We’ve been a bit delayed due to the touring schedule, but we’ve all the material written and we’re in the middle of tracking it all now, the really hard thing is that for us this record is a tremendous leap forward in what we’re capable of in terms of songs and production, so we’re dying to share it! I think its gonna melt some faces!

Are you hoping to play some headline gigs once the album does come out? Is that an exciting prospect or a bit of a scary one?

Absolutely! We’ve got plans to do a UK mini tour of about 6 shows or so on a revolving headliner split with another band to support the release of the album in the autumn, I wouldn’t say its scary to headline, but there’s certainly that feeling that you need to be the crescendo of the evening and send everybody home with stories, smiles and a pair of bleeding ears!

How would you describe your live shows?

Honest is the first word that springs to mind, as a band we don’t like to lord it over people and just pull shapes and catch phrases for the sake of it, we really are just as massive metal heads as the fans that come to the shows and we always want to connect with them- whether its at a 110db or cracking open a beer and talking music after the show, cause at the end of the day, there the ones who’s support make this whole crazy circus possible!

And finally, what you like to say to entice our readers into coming down early to catch you at one of ‘Ripper’ Owens’ gigs?

Come down early and you might very well see the band you’ve been needing to hear for the last 10 years- and maybe if you buy him enough beers Tom’s recital of Lick my love pump in D minor ;-P

Thanks for your time guys! Best of luck on the tour. 

Our pleasure! Salud!

 Tim Ripper Owens

Past the Fall’s debut EP is available to purchase here:

Catch them supporting Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens on his UK tour on the above dates