Parkway Drive – Deep Blue by Mike Calder

The newest Parkway Drive album is truly an album showing the progression and maturation of an already fine band. Parkway have always been capable of delivery some incredibly catchy guitar hooks, thunderous breakdowns and truly immense vocal displays and this album is no exception to the rule. Full of energy and exuberance but delivered with complete control and clarity, it is easy to see why this album was one of the most hotly tipped releases of the year.

From their earliest release in 2004 to their last release in 2007, Parkway Drive have taken their hardcore roots and built upon them to create an almost complete listening experience that has the ability to charm even the biggest doubters of the genre into having a quick listen or even a longer one. Throughout the album the relentless pace is never dropped for long. Certain tracks, such as the stunning ‘Alone’, may start with a beautifully construct clean guitar intro but soon give way to more brutal riff work and true headbanging anthems.

This is most definitely an album for every one. Listeners can easily sit back and enjoy the excellent musicianship and well crafted songs or party like an idiot with this on in the background. To sum up, face melting and beautiful all at the same time. Perfect.