Paradise Lost – Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us by Alan Chapman

Out now on Century Media

I remember when first heard ‘Gothic Metal’ I knew I had stumbled onto a class band, but over the following few albums we drifted apart as they went of into new musical direction (not that I’m complaining all bands have a right to do that) but I always kept checking out what they were up to and I’m glad I did.

My love affair with this band starts again. This is ‘Gothic/Embers Fire’ all over again, not a repeat but a true classic up there and this is the best this band have ever done and to these ears this is what Paradise Lost are all about.

This is a cut back version relying on the songs to relay dark imagery that true Goth Metal is about. So if like me and you nearly gave up on this band, prepare to have your faith restored.