Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Independently released
Released: April 2014
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01 – Teneabrerum
02 – Vengeance Basks In Vestiges Of The Past
03 – To Sever; The Art Of Terror
04 – As Man Behold It’s Scorching
05 – Fretum
06 – Gorged Flesh Adorned These Shores
07 – Crimson Blade Of Assyria
08 – The Chthonian Pyre Of Salem
09 – Incendium

Band line-up:

Vocals: Vince O’Leary
Guitar: Peter Lountzis
Guitar: Jessica Simard
Bass: Jeff Jenkins
Drums: Jessy Normand


Pallor Mortis is the process of decolourisation skin goes though after death. They’re also a little known death metal band from Montreal, Canada. Formed in 2011 as a project between Vince O’Leary and Peter Lountzis, and one EP later, Pallor Mortis present forth their debut album The Art Of Terror, a culmination of multiple line up changes and 3 years hard graft. Incorporating all the little nuances from both the European and Florida death metal, they’re a band which will appeal to all under the death metal umbrella, as it’s chocked full of technically and sheer scale.

Teneabrerum sets the mood with a beaming atmospheric majesty, then BAM! You’re hit in the face by Vengeance Basks In Vestiges Of The Past, its hard hitting, and takes no prisoners. The raw guttural fury of O’Leary is delivered with the force of an A-Bomb, and armed with his favoured minstrels, the end effect is quite simply devastating. The percussive talents of Jessy Normand are definitely worth taking note, as he is an absolute beast. Song after song is executed with such blistering pace and technical fury, it’s the perfect rocket fuel for this raging goliath.

Fretum is the respite from the onslaught of screamy men and loud guitars, and serves as a nice breather in between this white knuckle ride of an album. Lapping waves lull you into a false sense of security, then like before, BAM! You’re confronted by Gorged Flesh Adorned These Shores, and off we go with the musical beatings again. But this time, its lower, darker, and just filthy, its crammed full of those dirty riffs which you can’t help but pull stupid faces to, you know the ones.

If there was a little more attention paid to production, then there is no telling how massive Pallor Massive can sound, but that being said, The Art Of Terror is a formidable debut album at the very least. Like Nile? Behemoth? perhaps Cannibal Corpse? If you answered yes to at least one of these, then perhaps this is the album for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Ryan Spearman