Acclaimed Polish black metal label Pagan Records is set to release three essential black metal pieces, two of the new school and one of the old. Pagan Records is a name most people involved in Polish black metal will know very well: the label is run by Tomasz Krajewski, who discovered Behemoth and released their first two demos and album back in the 90s. Since then, he has had great international success with acts such as Judas Iscariot, Forgotten Woods, and released a pedigree of important Polish black metal bands, including Massemord, Imperator, Profanum and Sacrilegium, to name but a handful. 

Pagan Records


The cult record label is making three such releases available: Furia’s Nocel andSacrilegium’s Wicher on double-gatefold vinyl, and Demonic Slaughter’s Hauntedon CD.

Furia’s new album Nocel is an intriguing beast: more experimental and expansive than the band’s previous output, it features a diverse palette of elements, and an incredible knack for mournful guitar melodies. It also features Nihil on vocals, the man behind successful BM bands such as Massemord and Morowe. The LP contains stunning artwork and lyrics across its gatefold.

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Demonic Slaughter gets straight to the point with Haunted. This is Satan-worshiping, oldschool-loving black metal, well-executed and adhering to time-honored traditions. Shrouded in the secrecy of Polish forests, the duo recorded in an extremely ceremonial fashion. “No triggers or any digital lies [were] used during the recording process”, everything you hear is organic, from the possessed intonations to the pounding tribal drums in “Monks Of Cold Mountains”. This is a record to be experienced as a ritual.

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Demonic Slaughter


Sacrilegium’s Wicher is a quintessential obscure gem: long-since sold out in its initial run, this record was way ahead of its time in 1990s Poland, and very influential on the scene. Drawing from the same sympho-black pool as Limbonic Art and throwing in a healthy respect for Bathory’s Viking legacy, Sacrilegium crafted a relentless and atmospherically dense record that still stands up to this day. The vinyl features previously unreleased photos, artwork and lyrics, and to top it off, there is a bonus track, “Tam Gdzie Gaśnie Dzień…”, previously only available on a split with North. Wicher is essential listening for fans of the Polish scene and/or pagan black metal.

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