Overkill – Ironbound by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – Nuclear Blast

Back in the heyday of thrash metal you had premium bands such Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth etc then you had a pile of other bands that made up the rest scene. Most faded away, but not Overkill they kept on going releasing albums like clockwork.

Well three years later and things have changed out there in the metal world.
Thrash is back and so are Overkill, with their ‘must have’ and propbably their best album in years, if not ever.

This is what thrash is/was all about.
It ticks all the boxes, but with this band trade mark sound in concentrated form it comes out out of your speakers and hits you with a hammer.
It seems unfair on all the new thrash bands out there when an old band from the first wave release something this good and can put everyone else to shame.