Orphaned Land – The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR, by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – Century Media

Now here is a concept; Israeli Metal…I know I wasn’t sure what to expect either, could go either way! Another band from a country not known for it’s metal output, trying to sound all European or something a bit different.
Well luckily this is the latter but not just a bit different but a whole lot different.

They draw so much on their own and surrounding countries musical heritage, this prog death metal outfit really are progressive with their drum fills and vocals.

It’s the middle eastern landscapes where they are able to draw their music inspiration, that is a wonder and there is enough here that you will recognise and you will be pushed far out of your comfort zone, well maybe a little further than you expect which is not a band thing.

Add this album to the ever growing list of bands that sound fresh/new.