OneLegMan – Do You Really Think This World Was Made For You?

Rating: 2.5/5
Released: 2015
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onelegmanBand line-up:

Cristian Ceccardi – vocals
Luca Bertani – bass
Riccardo Pinotti – drums
Riccardo Sassi – guitars


1. Freak
2. OneLegDance
3. Bricks and Concrete
4. Sacred Love
5. Rundown
6. Colors
7. Deconstruction
8. Obey
9. One Step Back
10. This is not the End


Given how saturated the heavy rock/post-grunge scene is, it takes a certain skill for a band of said genre to stand out. A skill OneLegMan sadly lack. At least in this second LP of theirs. Good musicians, an apparently strong voice – with so many thickening effects, one can’t tell for sure – but as songwriters, they’re quite average.

Even though they’re not exactly copy+pasting themselves, the similarity in riffage and rhythm between songs such as “Bricks and Concrete”, “Sacred Love” or “Colours” is such that these easily get tangled in your memory. Only the whistles in “OneLegDance” are prone to make an immediate, distinctive impact and worm through your eardrums – “One Step Back” standing out too, for its harsher approach, but eventually it doesn’t suit the band that well; the overall impression is that you’re listening to something that, despite sounding pleasant, it’s like so many others out there.

“Do You Really Think This World Was Made For You” is a solid album but far from a top suggestion to the fans of the genre – especially the most demanding ones.

Review by Renata Lino