Old Pagan – Ogdrun Jarhar

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Narbentage Produktionen
Released: 2015
Buy album URL: http://narbentage.bandcamp.com
Band Website: http://myspace.com/oldpagan

Ogdrum Jarhar
Ogdrun Jarhar
Band Line-up:

Plague – Bass
Panzer Nidhogg – Guitars
Dralghul – Guitars
S.Vollmer – Vocals
Nina – Keyboards


1. Ogdrun Jarhar
2. Amon Ramah
3. Dark Chaos
4. Malditz
5. Christ Termination
6. Endless Agony
7. Seven Gods Of Chaos
8. Leichengott (Secrets Of The Moon cover)


Ogdrum Jarhar is the fourth full release by German black metallers Old Pagan. This is fast, hectic and overflowing with hatred.

Title track ‘Ogden Jarhar’ kicks off the album with ferocity, unrelenting blast beats and vehement vocals. It follows a fairly typical black metal structure but the softer guitar melodies and vicious vocal delivery complement the aesthetic. Second track ‘Amon Ramah’ continues the fast pace but has some bouncy, catchy passages before ‘Dark Chaos’ drags us though another endless stream of destitution. ‘Malditz’ has some great folk-inspired melodies making this pretty fun and upbeat. It quickly descends into turmoil, closing with a last burst of bounciness before ‘Christ Termination’ returns to the onslaught of blasts, distorted melodies and screaming vocals. ‘Endless Agony’ perseveres similarly and swiftly arising from the assault is ‘Seven Gods Of Chaos’. Once again this is a fast and relentless last effort to take our souls before the last track, a cover of Secrets Of The Moon’s ‘Leichengott’, closes the album.

I enjoyed this despite the overwhelming sense I’d heard most of it before. I’m not familiar with their previous releases but ‘Ogdrum Jarhar’ has made me curious. This album is well delivered, fun, ferocious and energetic with no shortage of screaming.

Review by Helena Byrne.