Obscene Entity have teamed up with Terrorizer to premiere their new track “Euphoric Vanity” – A blistering 4-minute track of furious death metal from their upcoming album Lamentia. 

Obscene Entity


You can listen to “Euphoric Vanity” here:


The band describes the track as: A small exploration on duality of opinion. This song focuses on one man’s thoughts of another’s exploitative chemical endeavours. ‘Euphoric Vanity’ is a small window into the mind of the fickle”

Lamentia will be available on CD and cassette via Tridroid Records on November 27 2015.

About Obscene Entity
From the East Anglian region of the UK, OBSCENE ENTITY forges together elements of Grind, Death and Black metal to create a multifarious manifestation of extreme music greater than the sum of its parts.

In 2012, founding members Matt Adnett (guitars/vocals), Luke Braddick (drums), and Calum Gibb (bass/vocals), released Obscene Entity’s self-titled début EP. The record helped to quickly establish them as a formidable presence within the underground circuit, along with the raw and fiercely delivered live shows they performed to promote it, landing them supporting slots for bands such as Napalm Death, Kraanium, Anaal Nathrakh and Voices.

In late 2014 recording for the début full-length album was completed, and sent to be mixed and mastered by Dan Abela, whose production talents were responsible for both Voices albums and that of the Antichrist Imperium. The resulting product Lamentia, is a loosely-based concept album of the fragility of the human mind and states of psychosis experienced through both subjection and self-infliction.

Lamentia is a relentless account of Obscene Entity’s unhinged development, capitalizing on the visceral energy and seamless dynamics that earned them their fast-accumulating recognition.

Obscene Entity online: