Oberon – Dream Awakening

Rating:     1.5/5
Distributor/label: Prophecy Productions
Released: 2014
Buy Album [URL]: http://en.prophecy.de/oberon-dream-awakening.html
Band Website: www.dreamawakening.net

[REVIEW] [ALAN HOLLOWAY] Oberon – Dream AwakeningBand line-up:

Bard Oberon


1. Empty And Marvelous
2. Escape
3. In Dreams We Never Die
4. Dark World
5. Flight Of Aeons
6. Dream Awakening
7. I Can Touch The Sun With My Heart
8. Phoenix
9. Secret Flyer
10. Machines That Dream
11. Age Of The Moon


It’s been rather a long time since Norway’s Oberon released an album – twelve years if you want to be picky. With the music firmy embedded between prog and atmospheric folk rock, it seems Bard Oberon obviously wants you to think about what you are listening to, rather than just raising your fists and yelling.
Okay, I suppose I have to admit first that I generally prefer music with a little more balls to it than Oberon, because ‘Dream Awakening’ rarely moves out of first gear throughout. Oberon himself has a vocal delivery that doesn’t help, because although he is tuneful enough there’s a lack of passion that can be quite off-putting. I genuinely found attention wandering throughout the album, and after several playthroughs couldn’t remember any of the tunes.
There is no denying the talent of Oberon, as the album is well mixed and the tracks well structured, but I wish that talent had extended to writing songs that didn’t bore the arse off me for the most part. Even the most vibrant, ‘I Can Touch The Sun With My Heart’, is like Muse played a bit too slowly. Still, it’s a decent track, even if it doesn’t represent the album as a whole.

‘Dream Awakening’ is very hard to really get behind, and the kindest thing I can say is that existing fans will probably like it.

Review by Alan Holloway