Nya Interview

Anežka Piška: Vocals
Joe Rhodes: Guitars & BV’s
Dan Baker: Guitars
Woody: Bass
Lars Wickett: Drums

UK Groove Metal Band Nya have Joined forces with Romesh Dodangoda (Producer of Funeral for a Friend, Kids In Glass Houses, Motorhead, Manic Street Preachers, The Blackout) for their forthcoming Ep.

Nya stepped into Longwave Studio in Cardiff with Romesh on October 14th 2013 to start work on the new material.

We caught up with Vocalist Nesh and Guitarist Dan just before the holiday’s to see how the recordings have gone so far and what’s to come in 2014…

Since the release of the last Ep “Driving The Nails In” what’s changed?

Dan – “The lineup and sound has matured a lot since the last release. Our new rhythm section featuring drummer Lars Wickett and Bassist ‘Woody’ has created a dynamic that is like a breath of fresh air to our new material.”

Nesh – “Since the last EP we have spent time on our sound, the tones and textures that blend well with the music we are writing- which means our fans can expect to hear a wider sound with more layers but keeping the grit that grounds our sound.”

What is it like working with Romesh and what has he brought to your Sound?

Nesh – “Romesh adds insight like a 6th member of the Band, it’s a non-bias ear which works wonders for the final layers of the Recording process”.
Nya index_clip_image004_0003
What has been your favourite part of the recording process so far?

Dan – “It was extremely refreshing to be able to ‘feel’ the tone rather than have to wait for it to be re-amped and it was great to see first-hand what Romesh was able to add to the songs creatively through sounds and textures. I’d like to be able to always track this way!”
Nya index_clip_image006_0004
What can people expect from the New EP?

Nesh – “The new EP blends grit and dirty riffs with a melodic undertone and a powerful set of lungs on top to round it off”.

Dan – “It’s a bigger production with more dynamics and a sound that we feel represents where our head space is at right now”.

Nya are yet to announce the Release date of the New Ep, but in the meantime
go check out more from Nya at www.nyaofficial.com