Nulla+- Stornelli Distopici

Rating: 2.5/5
Label/Distributor: Symbol of Domination
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Band Lineup:nulla

Paolo Lombardi – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Riccardo Mencarelli – Drums


2.L’unica Certezza Della Vita
3.Negli Occhi
5.Da Nuvola A Nuvola
6.Il Vostro Senso Di Inferiorità Non É Sinonimo Di Disparità
7.Loro Ti Possono Uccidere
8.Un Uomo
9.Una Donna
10. Capire E Valutare
11. In Ospedale Per L’eternità


Just reading the biography of Italian black metal band Nulla+, you can tell they are full of great ideas.

Musically, they take influence from hardcore punk and add that aggression to the cold BM sound, but most interestingly, they create their lyrics using improvisation and are heavily inspired by the Italian middle age/renaissance folk poetry movement known as Stornelli- hence the album title ‘Stornelli Distopici’. ‘Distopici’ translates as ‘dystopian’.

A second wave black metal style is prominent throughout these eleven tracks a with a basis of ugly, cold riffing, before the hardcore elements come in with a kick with the confident basslines and Oi! style chorus of opening track ‘Antidolorifico’. There is a strong old school extreme metal influence on this album too, as the duo combine the grime of Mayhem with the madness of Morbid Angel.

Unfortunately the band’s execution is hit and miss throughout this album. Some riffs are good- some are really awful.

‘Da Nuvola A Nuvola’ is probably the most amateurish display I’ve heard on an album all year. It doesn’t sound like a song, it sounds like two guys messing about in a rehearsal room. Despite the small line-up, the two musicians don’t produce much chemistry and fall out of line with eachother’s playing.

With rapid pace jumps, the different sections of each song don’t ease into each other naturally, and the mish-mash of ideas means the track listing flows awkwardly.

The production only makes this worse. The bass sound is flat and mediocre and turned up way too loud in the mix. The overall sound is lo-fi but lacks that essential underground BM atmosphere.

The vocal delivery is also weak, although the use of Italian language gives Nulla+ a stamp of originality.

Because of their inventiveness, I still recommend you to check out what this band are doing. I hope this review has lowered your expectations a little though, as when it comes to execution, some of the otherwise inspired ideas of these Italians just fall flat.

Review by Jarod Lawley