Nuclear Terror – Contaminated Salvation EP by Ashlinn Nash

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Independent
Released: 1/2/2014

Nuclear Terror - Contaminated SalvationBand Website: Facebook


Kostas Korg (Bass/Lead vocals)
Kostas Keene (Guitars/Backing vocals)
Chris Koutalelis (Guitars/Backing vocals)
Bill Dimitriou (Drums)


1.Dawn of Extinction
2. Nuclear Warfare
3. Flesh Feast
4. Terrorzone
5. Pride Breaker


There is always something short and sharp about an EP that seems to have this sense of real urgency this release is no different; finding itself within the thrash genre . Nuclear Terror a four piece troupe hailing from Greece – a country rich in epic/power metal affluence, bringing with them high octane thunderous thrash EP whose production keeps in the with true sense of a DIY project.

Opening with “Dawn of Extinction” a traditional melody that is similar to Master of puppets’ “Battery” that flows in gently after such sweet harmony into a clash of wills that comes with “Nuclear Warfare” that is something again of a traditional title for the genre.

It becomes clear at about song three – “Flesh Feast” that the DIY aspect might not have been in so much favour to the band as the vocals are mixed a bit higher in places and lower than others. More bad points include a real glitch with the suitability of the vocals themselves, along with the shortness of the EP’s length.

Overall the EP is a good start for the band – who have been a group since 2009 but it could be improved in a lot of ways, there is good song writing there, just hard to hear in a lot of places that lowers the potential of the EP.