Northlane @ 02 Islington Academy, London

8th October 2015
Review & Photography: Billy Edmonds

It’s a Thursday afternoon, with the weekend fast approaching Northlane and the gang are bound to be getting everyone ready for one painful gig filled with an crazy performance of Moshing, Head banging and intensive screaming!

Walking up to the venue its about half 6 and already the queue is already around the venue block. Northlane may not have sold out this show but by the looks of things it really wasn’t far off.


Helllions are a pretty new band on the scene of the UK and well the scene in general, formed in 2013 and from Australia they have traveled to show us an intense display of breakdowns and pretty standard sound that comes with the majority of hardcore bands. Whilst they do have a pretty immense stage presence I can’t say this is anything I haven’t heard is neigh on every other hard-core band on the planet; This defiantly isn’t to say that I’m not
Enjoying it._NCP9018


During the second song, Hellions managed to get a fairly sized circle pit moving. The room is pretty tightly packed together and the band are just about to finish their set. During the last song Dre Faivre (Lead Vocals) To the surprise of the security jumped onto the barrier to sing the first verse then into the crowd for the remainder of the song. Pretty incredible.


Next up, The Acacia Strain.




I have to admit I was highly shocked to see these guys on the bill for this tour, they sound is so different to the rest of the bands on the line up though, It did make me question a little why they was chosen but it seems they was chosen with all good reason.

The Acacia Strain has a deeper and metaly sound compared to Northlane or Volumes. half way through the set Vincent (Vocals) States that the reason they are so aggressive on stage and on album’s is because it is their outlet. They get angry on stage so when they are off stage they don’t need to be.


As the bass kicks in for  Dr. Doom a small circle pit opens up in the room with a number of people standing there awaiting the pure carnage that The Acacia Strain bring to their shows.


The pit closes in and the only way to describe this would be a meteor hitting the planet. This is a band that everyone needs to check out and see live at least once without a doubt. Not only for their music but for the immense presence on the stage.

Next up: Volumes

Volumes are probably one of the biggest upcoming bands on the hardcore/metal core scene at the moment, after launching their EP Concept Of Dreaming in 2010 this band has done nothing but climb the ladder if success.


I have been eagerly awaiting seeing them live and I am pleased that it wasn’t all in vain. Gus Farias’s clean vocals sound exactly as if they do on the albums, which I’m sure alot of you know these days is quite rare without a backing track.


Something worth mentioning in this is how strongly Gus Farias has power of the stage and crowd.

Within minutes of them being on stage he had got everyone moving, As much as Hellions tried, Volumes completely ripped it apart. Volumes have since toured with bands such as Of Mice & Men, Woe, Is Me, The Devil Wears Prada, Texas in July and Capture the Crown,
and it really seems all of this tour experience has paid off.



Headliners: Northlane



The feeling in the room is sweaty, Warm and rather moist. The band that everyone has been waiting for and including myself have been waiting to finally see live for a number of years. Northlane first came onto the scene in 2009.


Something quite cool to know is that they are named by an Architects song, North Lane. In 2014 it was sadly announced that Adrian Fitipaldes would leave Northlane due to health reasons, He was soon replaced by Marcus Bridge and I really have to admit that I wasn’t expecting him to be as good as he is.



His style on stage is actually pretty similar to Sam Carter from architects but with a higher and more strong vocal range within the higher notes, it’s either this or the sound guy tonight got the vocals dead on for the room.


Within the first 30 seconds of Northlane coming onto the stage Marcus demands a circle pit to be opened in the middle of the room with the crowd happily adhere to his wishes. Within the circle pit there aren’t just guys, there are also a number of females and this really brings a massive smile to my face; the fact that within the metal community it really is that no matter where you come from, gender or sexuality you will always be welcomed into the mosh pits with open arms (Or pushed into another person brutality)…either way, it seems that everyone here has the same mindset.



As the night gets older the songs get Heavier and faster and after just finishing Dispossession they leave the stage. Everyone knows what’s about to happen and the chants “Northlane, Northlane, Northlane” begin. As they walk back onto a now completely red stage the sound in the room is an intensive scream of Joy as they play one last song and give everyone one last time to loose themselves.


Without a doubt Northlane are becoming an amazing band both live and on album. If you get a chance to see them I highly recommend you do it.