Nordland – European Paganism

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Satanath Records
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Released: 2017
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Vorh – Everything


1. The Mountain
2. Burning of Idols
3. Rites at Dawn



Britain has a long and fruitful history of many changing cultures and ways of life. Ways of life lots of people today try their hardest to make us forget and make us believe this country has always been under the control of an Abrahamic religion just over 2,000 years old.

But thankfully the boldest and biggest misfits of said society are quick and eager to remind us about the nation’s Pagan past through the means of the finest music ever concocted. Nordland, all the way from the North of the country is just one of these people.

This one man project has released its fourth studio outing: European Paganism, which as the title suggests is a tale of how the past has been stolen from a place like this. It opens with a 27 minute symphony that starts with a fire crackling and an owl hooting in the mountains symbolising the ways of life held by our forefathers, and then the music kicks in like a vast battle, symbolising the impending doom of Christianity and how it crushed peaceful people. The song goes from being atmospheric in places quite similar to Skalmold if you took out the folk and Panopticon. Then it turns to a more brutal but not quite raw take. Something which is brutal only in the way Black Metal can be. Intense an oozing talent, this is one side of the record you won’t forget in a hurry.

The next half begins with ‘Burning of Idols,’ and another fire can be heard, making me think of burning churches or places being torched by oppressors. It reminded me of Winterfylleth and is delivered with much aplomb and has an above average level of production which suited the band’s arrangement beautifully.

Finally we end on the third instalment ‘Rites at Dawn,’ which uses a scream at the beginning and has a raw edge that had me thinking of pain and suffering felt by those who are oppressed every day by an evil force intent on enslaving those they see as inferior. This album has made me feel just how hard it must feel to have a despot march in and take away the life held by peaceful people for generations. Nordland want to remind the world Britain was a pagan land and the current myths of Christianity being dominant are to be done away with at once. Very good work.

Review by Demitri Levantis