Non-Bio – Machine Cold Wash by Jarod Lawley

Rating: 4/5
Released- 2014

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Machine Cold WashTracklisting

1) Perfect
2) Pre-Wash
3) Everything Is Under Control
4) Medicinema
5) Brain Party
6) TV On Demand
7) I Am Your God Now
8) Drain Band

Band line-up:

Howard Gardner, Karl Lloyd



Coming from and exploring the darker side of electronica, comes Non-Bio, an audio-visual duo project. Comprised of members Howard Gardner and Karl Loyd,  it began with making music videos for a few bands of friends, but soon that wasn’t enough, and brand new industrial music began to emerge from the workbench to find its own images.
A south London-based band, the duo’s current face comes through as exploratory, touching on many  musical genres that include electronic, industrial, IDM and dark ambient.

Opener “Perfect” begins with an upbeat and dancey feel, whilst noisy, pitch shifted creeks add to a feeling of dischord. Distorted spoken word and whiny, eerie synthesizers show the band’s more industrial side, before the track makes a transition after 2 minutes to give a more intense and intimate feeling. “Pre-Wash” sounds modern yet harks back to 70s acts such as Kraftwerk at the same time, with repetitive synth stabs proving to be pulsating and numbing at the same time.

The cleverly titled “Medicima” has a strong groove, overlapped with some melodic yet haunting vocals, echoed by equally spooky synths! “TV On Demand”  has a sci-fi feel, with it’s walking synth lines and aggressive vocals, akin t0 some of the more avant-garde, early Human League material. The chorus provides a definite hook of “give me, give me, give me television” sang slightly out of time but with dark cynicism and harsh condemnation of the “lobotomised” generation, constantly receiving visual stimulation in their world dictated by television!

To some up it all up, this is a great mini LP recommended for fans of any electronic style that leans towards the dark side of things. Look out for the band’s next full length album which is due out quite soon, and in the mean time be sure to grab this one on their download!

Review by Jarod Lawley