Crowquill Records is happy to announce that they will be releasing “U M B R A”  by Austin noisemakers UNMOTHERED. While Crowquill is generally known for releasing albums by acts on the more progressive side of the post-metal spectrum, UNMOTHERED is completely different from anything the label has released thus far – this is heavy stuff, a cross between doom and sludge with a dash of black metal thrown in for good measure. 




Crafting their own take on heavy music by mixing an atmospheric, cavernous sound with an earlier 90s noise element, Unmothered began creating sonic tremors in 2010. Supporting their self-titled debut vinyl EP the band received strong reviews from several sources within the underground metal community including Invisible Oranges, Metalsucks, The Obelisk, and The Sludgelord. Referencing bands such as Unsane and Today is the Day with a twist of YOB, the band carved a path to their own sound now fully realized with their second 3-song release, “U M B R A”.

Expanding on what they started, Unmothered sail further into their murky soundscapes, offering a more refined yet uncompromising 14 minutes of heavy music that experiments in its own energetic complexity, and explores new expressions within stoner doom psychedelia. Collaborating once again with UK artist Andrew Sloan for album art, “U M B R A” is just as visually compelling as it is sonically. The band seek to promote the upcoming release on Crowquill Records before following up with a full-length late in the year

Previous praise for Unmothered:

“The guitar tone really gives all the songs character, with loads of reverb and delay that fall somewhere between Nachtmystium, Tombs, and Unsane; it’s a distinctly American melting-pot sound, with decades and innumerable bands to draw inspiration from.”-Invisible Oranges

“Unmothered are an incredibly bitching metal band from Austin.”-Metalsucks

“Some might call this stoner metal, but when the Unmothered come on, you’ll want to swill some beer and hit the pit more than you’ll want to slump onto a couch”-Exclaim

Unmothered is:

Matt Walker-Vocals/Guitars
Joseph Barnes-Bass
Matt Moulis-Drums

Unmothered online:

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