Nofuck – Walls of Flesh

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Murdher Records
Released: 2017
Band Website:

Band line-up:rsz_artwork-nofuck

Stefano Poddesu – vocals
David Pennesi – guitars
Roberto Incelli – guitars
Emilio Sonno – bass
Davide Poddesu – drums


1. Walls of Flesh
2. Empire
3. Panther
4. 99
5. Soul to Forge
6. Psychopig
7. Disseminate
8. Zombie Love
9. Time to Close
10. Hot Hell California


Italian Death/Thrashers open their second album with title track, “Walls of Flesh”, with a nice heavy start and feature some brutal death vocals.  It dosen’t stay too brutal for too long as the band filters in some really cool softer guitar tones.

This is an ongoing theme throughout the album that works well.  The band also includes a few soundbites from various films, introducing a few tracks.

Besides the awesome opening track, the ending tracks are worth a listen.  “Disseminate” is a solid track, “Zombie Love” has some of the best groves on the album and the ending track, “Hot Hell California”, is a solid fist bumping, head banging end to the album.

Now, on to the bad.  The awful, awful Metalcore/Clean singing on this album.   Christ.  That stuff is unfortunate.  Fortunately for the listener it is only on a few tracks. (“Panther”,” Psychopig” and the horrendous “Time to Close”.)

The misstep into Metalcore aside, this is a decent album, I’d rank it much higher if I did not have to include those tracks in this review. Hopefully, Nofuck learns from this mistake and gives us more solid Modern Death Metal.
Review by: Andrew Risch