Nocturnal Dance Launch Night @ Fox & Firkin

Nocturnal Dance presents: Smoke and Diamonds
20th March 2010

at The Fox & Firkin, Lewisham

Photography by Altercarnated Photography

Nocturnal Dance is a new dance company created by Amy Morgan and Alyxxandra Sanchez Edinboro.
These girls are on a mission, helping to create a community for those interested in rock and metal music and dance. Mixing an array of dynamic choreography and daring dance styles to inspire confidence, inviting others to join their dance classes. They offer dance training as well as live performances for events and bands.

The launch night was hosted by Vienna Shilling, who had taken on the guise of a strict librarian for the night.

Everyone was buzzing with excitement and slight scepticism, unsure of what to expect but the night turned out to be anything but dull and very entertaining.

The Girls opened the show Smoke and Diamonds, a creative medley of alternative acts, with a playful, bouncy dance performance consisting of small but quick movements featuring a Poi performance from Nicola Hooks.

S & D (2)
The girls danced to the powerful and catchy electric noises from the band Pendulum, a suitably punchy way to kick start the launch.

S & D (1)
Other standout performances included a bluesy duet performed by Amy Morgan with the vocal talents from the effortlessly sexy Siobhan McGuire. The pair sang the infamous and iconic song Fever, bringing a jazzy cabaret feel to their performance.

Dark performance art with a game theme, starring Sophia Disgrace as a scantily clad super-sexy cyber-doll wearing an Optimus Prime mask. She begs to be played, only to rebel against her chosen gamer.

Followed by cheeky ladies man Shaun Grimsley, claiming that he had forgotten his Transformers mask, Shaun sang a bold guttural version of Roxanne, while being teasingly danced around by Alyxx. This act received a huge applause turning out to be a real crowd pleaser.

Emily Jane Starr
put on an elegant performance displaying her skills with taming fire, making bold and graceful movements, mimicking the fire and a dramatic climax with a beautiful display of fire breathing.

Emily Jane (1)
The Nocturnal Dance girls performed various routines to tracks such as Hot Kiss by Juliette and the Licks, an energetic performance revealing their unity, passion and enthusiasm. Change in the House of Flies by the Deftones, performed by Alyxxandra Sanchez Edinboro and Victoria Sims, which blended nicely into a following routine where Victoria left the stage and joining the not-even-nearly-exhausted Alyxx was Amy for a well executed contemporary dance to another track from the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack.

The girls also displayed humour in an exuberant and sensual aerobics style dance performance, featuring special guests in the form of a pair of male gym enthusiasts who try to psych one another out.

As the event comes to a close our Hostess Vienna indulges in a brief but eccentric skit as she sheds her strict image to encourage people not to be afraid to let loose and dance like no body is watching!

8Before proudly sauntering off stage she lets people know that they can be signed up for classes via her.
Later armed with a clipboard Vienna had more than accomplished signing a tidy collection of new recruits.

Launch night was a total success!