Nocturnal Dance @ Fox and Firkin by James Dunn

Nocturnal Dance Fox and Firkin, Ladywell

 21st August 2010

Written By James Dunn

Photos by Altercarnated Photography

The Fox and Firkin has been my local now for around eight years and I have seen it go through many changes.
They love parties and always go well out of their way to deck the pub out to the fullest in all manner of fashion. Currently they are sporting an art deco style appearance. Chandelier and drapes around the tables, fairy lights, disco balls and mirror mosaics.

They never stop trying to improve on their already amazing entertainment. Music, at least three times a week, a monthly amateur film night and a weekend festival each year. This year they have introduced a regular dance performance night and i have been fortunate enough to see the show on a few occasions.

This evenings acts are introduced by Jonathan Bush, (an extremely tall corpse looking circus ring master) and Kelly Platt.

Hosts (2)Hosts (1)
This evening we were told the six acts were going to be everything from Sexy to Sinful!

The first dance, performed by Smoke and Diamonds, is a parody on little red ridding hood and has Jonny as the big bad wolf scaring three red ridding hoods in the form of Alyxx, Amy and Vicky.

S & D Act 1 (1)
The girls dance to the well recognised Metallica track “Enter Sandman” in their trademark contemporary style before a biker style guitarist climbs to a high platform and screams out the guitar solo to the worshipping, red wearing, grandmother-loyal ladies.

S & D Act 1 (3)
Just then the wolf enters and attempts to chastise the girls but in a twist of fate they turn on him and taunt him before dragging him off stage.

S & D Act 1 (2)
This energetic start to the evening was choreographed by Alyxx and costumes by Zoe.

The next part of the nights entertainment was a voodoo style burlesque performance by the curvaceous Amanda Mae Gonzo Steele. Amanda.2

The scene is a combination of voodoo and 1920’s America from her tiara and hairstyle to her tight figure hugging outfit and drinking out of her stiletto, reminiscent of the alcohol prohibition act. She starts by pouring herself a drink but then offers it up to a happy young man in the audience.

A single chair in the middle of the room with a small bedside table supporting a bottle of what looks like blood or wine and a small animal’s skull. Amanda’s dance routine isn’t elaborate but more of a slow and sexy swaying which certainly is appreciated when she slowly starts to remove her garments. Just as it seems there is nothing left to remove she takes a drink and lets it trickle down her semi naked body. A heated second act that feeds our desire for more.

Smoke and Diamonds return to the stage for a cabaret number. Siobhan and Amy duet the song “Maybe This Time” whilst Alyxx, Vicky and Zoe help to distract us with their feminine charms.

S & D Act 2 (2)
All dressed in corsets and looking very sexy yet it is hard to concentrate on their dancing when all you can think about is how amazing both Amy and Siobhan’s voices are.

S & D Act 2 (1)
A Neo burlesque performance follows and is introduced as “Sophia Disgrace’s Japanese Adventure“.
I have seen Sofia perform before so i have an idea of what to expect. I do enjoy what she does but it is a little strange to follow so in a nutshell i will just describe what I saw.

Sophia (1)


Sophia (2)
Sophia comes on stage wearing a Japanese school girl’s sailor outfit clutching a stuffed toy bunny.

Sophia (3)

Sophia (4)



She jumps about a bit clearly mimicking a young japanese girl but then sits on a plastic potty and gives the impression that she is using it. it’s all a bit weird. She then empties the contents of the potty over a poor innocent bystander, fortunately it is just glitter. Then she eats a banana whilst in the crab position, lights a firestick and puts a rose in her thong.

Sophia (5)

Sophia (6)


I like the quirkiness of Sophia’s creative act but I didn’t quite understand what was going on, maybe that’s what made it Japanese.

Sophia (7)

Sophia (8)
Still i enjoyed it and it brakes up the serious tone of the events which can sometimes take the fun away from what is entertainment.

Smoke and diamonds third dance and penultimate of tonight’s attractions. Once more Amy, Vicky and Alyxx take to the stage with their rock influenced style of dancing.

S & D Act 3 (1)
Their outfits are a little more trashy looking which aids to the theme of a more energetic song, Soil’s “Halo”.
S & D Act 3 (2)
Livening the mood and preparing the audience for the headline act.

Bride of bloodshed is another performer i have seen once before but due to poor lighting was not able to appreciate.

Bride (2)
This performance certainly made up for it. She reminded me of one of the stop motion models from a Tim Burton film. Very ballerina-esque and with makeup representing sewn together doll like pieces.

There was a clockwork feel to the whole dance with a Marilyn Manson sound track. In finale a perfectly timed bucket of blood thrown by Jonny covered her completely right on cue.

This was my favorite dance as I like the goth ballerina style and worked well with the 2/4 tempo of the Marilyn Manson song.

Smoke and diamonds are always great , I think I have seen almost all their previous performances and I do love the solid retro thing, reminds me of the Pans People, the girls who danced on top of the pops in the seventies when there was no music video. It was also nice to see the incorporation of a live musician in the first act, the perfect amount of cheese for the Metalica track.

I find Nocturnal Dance to be an extremely successful endeavor and would like to see them expand and perform at some higher profile venues, i look forward to enjoying more routines, more outfits and more talented young people.