NMTCG is proud to announce the release of new Die Kur single “Beneath the Waves”

On January 27, 2017, during their live show at the Unicorn (London), Die Kur unveils a brand new single entitled “Beneath the Waves” under NMTCG record label. The song is 12’26” long and features special guests vocal samples by Anton Bleak (Bleak – Sol Invictus) and violinist Takatsuna Mukai.


Following the release of the double album “Manifesto” in 2015, the new single is available as a free download via Die Kur and NMTCG website, as a paid download via iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play and all major stores and streaming via Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and more.

“Beneath the Waves” is also available in physical format in all major music store worldwide on the Record Store Day on April 22nd as CD Single and a special limited edition 7” vinyl via Plastic Head Distribution and via direct order on NMTCG and Plastic Head Music Distribution website.


Photographer Martine Bocci