Nile @ The Dome, London

Friday 8th April, 2016
Review and Photography by Sabrina Selkis.



It wasn’t enough to have Nile in September, so they came back and treated us again to an amazing night, presenting “What Should Not Be Unearthed 2016 Tour Part II”. Bringing along with them Embryo and Melechesh, we are in for a treat at The Dome in London.


Having the great role of opening up for two big names, Italian band Embryo take to the stage.


Having some ties to Fleshgod Apocalypse, the band has been getting very good reviews by the media.


Roberto Pasolini on vocals does a good job waking up the crowd, guitarist Eugenio Sambasile and bassist Simone Solla are riffing away, and drummer Enea Passarella is pounding heavily.


I don’t think anyone can really complain about their performance but no one can probably rave about it.  Was this due to their sound, or technique? I am not myself sure, I will have to see them again before making my mind about them.


Lighting up the incense sticks on each sides of the stage, we are getting ready to welcome the Mesopotamian Metal band. The Middle Eastern occult band returns to London after their brief appearance at Incineration Festival here last year. Melechesh started in Israel and are based in Holland now.


Ashmedi, on lead vocals and guitar, founded the band, joined a year later by other guitarist Moloch and drummer Lord Curse. Since 2012 Scorpios is on bass.


They open with “Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged”, from their latest, acclaimed album, “Enki”.


The crowd is hooked instantly. Melechesh has the power to transport you far away with their sound. It is brutal, it is melodic, it is excellent.



The drums are blasting along. I am also very happy to hear again live “Deluge Of Delusional Dreams”, I think I had to pause from taking photos during this song as I was banging my head off!


This number is followed by “Multiple Truths” , another track from the “Enki” album.


The whole set flies by, and finishes with  “Rebirth of the Nemesis” from the “Emisaries” album. On this song Ashmedi takes the broken drumstick from Lord Curse and goes on playing his guitar like a violin.


I don’t know when they are coming back next, but it better be soon.

Now it’s time for the headliners- the legendary- Nile.


It is no secret that Nile have lyrics inspired by Egyptian Mythology, creating some kind of history themed Death Metal. There also take inspiration from the the works of H.P.Lovecraft.


The band formed in 1993, in South Carolina, America. The technical death metal band rests mainly on the shoulders of Karl Sanders, front man and guitarist.


Their sound combines complexity and speed, and over the years have gained immense respect by journalists and music fans.


They open with “Ushabti Reanimator” before we are thrown further in with “Sacrifice Unto Sabek”: this is sheer epic brutality from the start, they slay the set list, never backing down one second. Fans are having a blast, from wind milling to moshing, there is no rest for the wicked.


Dallas Toler-Wade is on vocals too and guitar, his voice is strong and intimidating. On the right of the stage is Brad Parris on bass, and at the back drummer George Kollias is giving it his all.


They once again prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with after all these years.



Special mention to the ever so heavy “Unas Slayer Of The Gods”- the twelve minutes track certainly tuned into a brutal feast.



Ushabti Reanimator
Sacrifice unto Sabek
Defiling the Gates of Ishtar
Hittite Dung Incantation
Call to Destruction
In the name of Amun
The Howling of the Jinn
What Should Not Be Unearthed
The Inevitable Degradation of the Flesh
Evil to Cast Out Evil
Unas- Slayer of the Gods
Black Seeds of Vengeance

I wouldn’t change the evening for anything. Melechesh and Nile definitely belong together on tour, they are different but yet have so many things in common. Let’s hope for many other gigs like this \m/.